Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I did a trial run on pdub's vanilla bean scones a few weeks ago. I intended to make them again for my friend Heather's shower... Until I found out that 1 measly vanilla bean costs a whopping $8.95 at public. This recipe calls for 3. I have since learned that you can find paste at Williams-Sonoma, but still... They were good, but I think I will try blueberry scones next time.

A week or so later, we ate at the Stephens' house, and April made this super yummy butterfinger dessert. When I asked for the recipe, she laughed at me and said that she got it off of one of my pin boards on Pinterest. I didn't even remember pinning it, but it is a Weight Watcher's dessert. I have made it again since, and it is super yummy.

I am blogging from my phone and don't know how to move pictures around or share links, but the scones recipe is on the food network blog and the butterfinger one is on my "yummies" board. Enjoy!

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