Friday, September 28, 2012

My 4-year-old

Yesterday my sweet girl turned four. I cannot believe how quickly time slips by, and each time I have this realization, it makes me more determined to be intentional with each of these precious days--even and especially the mundane ones. As I hugged my little shortcake, I also thanked the Lord for helping me make the decision--and blessing me with the opportunity--to stay home this year.

We are planning a joint birthday party for Addison and Ansley in a couple of weeks, but we still celebrated her "real" birthday at school and at home. What a fun-filled day for our fun and spunky, free-spirited firstborn.

Happy Birthday, Addison Camille Crawford!

Of course, we had to make her a Birthday banner with one of her favorite characters, Strawberry Shortcake.

She woke up so excited to be the line leader at school.

I made her some strawberry muffins to take to share with her sweet friends at school.

After school, we walked back up to the playground with Savannah and Sawyer and Lili to eat some more muffins and drink strawberry slushies that Jaydee surprised us with.

Then we came home for a special Birthday dinner, requested by the Birthday girl herself: Poppyseed Chicken, Rice, Salad, and Cantaloupe. Love her!

Then she got to open her presents! She was so lucky and blessed to be sung to by all four of her grandparents and showered with gifts from many of her special relatives.

We even tried some of them out!

Finally, it was time for candles and cake!

Everybody got in on that action!

What a fun and special Birthday for our sweet Addy-belle! She can't wait to celebrate with all of her family and friends and sister in a couple of weeks!

(I hope to post her Birthday interview video soon--if I can figure out how to. It was super sweet.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to such a precious girl! We loved getting to celebrate with her. Your pictures of her day were so perfect and captured her excitement so well. I LOVE the one in her costume!!

Lili :)

April said...

I love love love this post! Looks like she had a very special day and got lots of fun presents! I still can't believe she's 4 :)