Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Fun

Halloween gets more fun each year! This year we had a Minnie Mouse and a Strawberry Shortcake in our house. They were some cuties!
This Minnie Mouse started posing this way at our Halloween Party with friends, and I think it perfectly captures her little 2-year-old personality.
Minnie and Snow White bonded at the party, and Ansley kept asking if she could go trick-or-treating with sweet Rowan. I love little friends.
This is *most* of my cute class after our costume parade. That cute little Yoda makes me want boy babies. Not happening, but just sayin.'
I love preschool parties. I have the cutest, funnest moms in my class, and they did a great job making the party so special for their kiddos.
Addison's dress rehearsal...
We carved pumpkins on Ansley's Birthday. We thought it would be cool do do Elmo since we had an Elmo cake and balloons and napkins... Addison, however, wanted a jack-o-lantern... So we did a traditional one for her.
I loved getting to go to Ansley's fall party too. They made spiders and passed out treats to their friends and ate spider cookies that I made for them.
Another one from our friend fall party. Addison and Micah are kindred spirits I tell you, and look at that little Minnie poser again. (PS, don't know why my iphone app jumbles my pictures out of order.
It is kind of tricky on party days when you are the teacher but also a mom of a kid in your class, but I so enjoyed getting to be such a big part of this experience.
One of the games was to wrap a partner as a mummy. These are the Addisons, and they are quite the pair, let me tell you! I also got wrapped with all the leftover toilet paper. Fun times... 
More party pics...
About to go trick or treating. About halfway through, Addison yelled, "This is the BEST Halloween EVER!" and Ansley followed with, "Yes ma'am!" Loved it.
And we're back to the school party... crazy app...
Our cutest trick or treater made Patrick especially giddy and nostalgic with his costume.
My spider cookies... loved finding a treat that Ansley could enjoy every bit of!

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