Friday, December 21, 2012

November Recap

November was a fun month for our famil with even more Birthdays to celebrate, Addison's first preschool program, and all of the Thanksgiving festivities. Below was our cute little pilgrim:

We enjoyed some cool, crisp fall mornings, hiking at Radnor with our family.

Addison tried her first cheeseburger. She decided she was ready and "Mc-loved it."

Ansley is tolerating peanut butter--something I wondered if I would ever say about my allergy-plagued sweetie! Yay for another protein source. She loves eating "butter jellies" for lunch now.

Loving on my little turkeys here.

Savannah turned 5 this month. Can't believe how fast the time goes, but we went to the park on her actual birthday and then...

went to the ballet studio to celebrate her party. How cute are these cupcakes below? And how sweet is my sister for ordering them dairy and egg free. Ansley sure enjoyed hers. :)

I found Ansley like this one morning, and she said she was going to potty train all by herself. I was pretty wowed, but then it has come to a halt after she fell into the big potty a couple of weeks ago. She said, after that, that she was never going to potty train. Planning on trying for real after Christmas.

Sweet little church girls. This was on Ansley's first day of Bible Class. Now that she is 2, there are no more random sippy cups of milk in her classroom. I am helping to teach her class and am loving watching her soak it all up.

Addison had her first preschool program. Her (and my) class dressed as pilgrims and they sang some sweet Thanksgiving songs. The picture below is at the end where all of the classes sang together.

Most of my cute little pilgrims.
Our family of 4 after the Thanksgiving Feast.
Sweet cousin best friends. It has been so special for them to be at the same school this year, and they are about the cutest indian/pilgrim pair that I have ever seen!

My girls' preschool Thanksgiving art that made it to the fridge.

For Dad's birthday, we all participated in the Viva la Diva 5K. My favorite memory of this day is Addison's relfection on it.  She thought that the race itself was Bear's birthday, that the thousand or so participants in it were invited to his party, and that all the post race snacks were his refreshments. She even danced with the dancers and got a treat bag, and she says she wants a "race birthday party" next year. Love the way her mind processes things!

I hosted my Bunco group for November's party, and I was excited to set my table.

Our Thanksgiving recap: flying kites, making teepees and fun snacks, eating good food, and dancing gangham style.

Our family's thankful tree all full of blessings. This became our most special part of our day and our dinner conversations and we're trying to come up with a way to keep it going all year long.

The girls sporting their cool Auburn/Alabama football hats from Aunt Andrea gave them on Iron Bowl game day.
We celebrated Daddy turning 30, and we are so grateful to have such a loving, fun, hard-working leader of our family.

We also had a family photo shoot at Radnor Lake and captured the girls at 2 and 4. Aaron Yung truly captures my girls personalities, and we are thankful to be his friends and his clients.
We had a full and fun November, and I didn't want it to escape documentation. We are enjoying our advent season as well and hopefully there will be some more posts ahead to document that,

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