Friday, December 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With Thanksgiving being so early in November this year, we got into the Christmas season even earlier than usual this year.

Ansley and her friend Ruth were loving Bible class. Ruth's mom is my oldest and still one of my closest friends. We became friends at this age.

Ansley and Addison got to wear dresses that my mom made Lindsay and me when we were little girls. I am so thankful that she saved them. So, so thankful!

We went with the Yung family to see Independence High School's performance of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Becky did an amazing job with them, as usual, and it was good to visit old stomping grounds and get into the spirit.

We had a special Christmas breakfast at church on the first of December, and the girls got to sit in Santa's lap and celebrate by making ornaments and eating yummy food.
For our first meeting with Santa, we decided to make it a family picture, so we could get one without Ansley freaking out. I love the skeptical look on her face. We know our little girl all too well. :)
This igloo was made out of milk cartons. How creative!

Addison and Ansley have been sitting in this sleigh since they were babies. It's a fun tradition and it's fun to see how much they grow and change in these yearly pictures.

Our elf, Bubba has been back, and he's been up to his old tricks, drinking cider with Minnie, driving the princesses around, and playing the keyboard. Ansley is especially into Bubba this year.

Addison has been so into Christmas lights this year, and Patrick made sure that our house was decked out to all of his girls' liking. Sweet man. :)

Our Christmas card stack. It's the most wonderful time to go to the mailbox. :)

Who would even know it's December with all of the warm weather and "al fresco" dining.
We've been having tons of fun and have been trying to slow down during this especially hectic time of year.

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