Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunshine School Christmas

I have told my family and friends, and I will say it officially on here: preschool Christmas is CRAZY. I thought that I was stressed last year when I was grading 150+ essays and writing and grading exams, but this year, I inherited a project (that, as a parent, I will LOVE receiving) that required me to paint 144 hands. Not just any hands, but Santa hands, turkey hands, snowflake hands, umbrella hands, etc... I was waking up in the middle of night deliriously jabbering about missing some leprechaun hands and needing to redo some flower hands... Crazy, I tell you! I loved every minute of it though. So so thankful to be a part of Sunshine School.

Below is the picture of the handmade part of my girls' teachers' gifts. My friend Reid had a Christmas crafty Pinterest party, and I got this idea from her. I take NO credit for it. I bought 8x10 canvases, painted them tan, wrapped them in burlap and attached them first with hot glue then with a staple gun, and used sharpies to draw snowmen family. Then I used acrylic paint to fill them in and paint over my sharpie marks. I really liked them (even made one for myself since I am one of Addison's teachers--ahem), and my friends who are their sweet and nurturing teachers loved them too. Yay!

Linds and I took advantage of our friend Darby's Christmas sale, and we ordered our kids matching Christmas shirts at Honeybee Tees. We ordered up, so hopefully they can enjoy them for the next year or two. I think they are some pretty cute cousins, if I do say so myself.

Preschool party day begins with a practice for the program. My class is just adorable.

Look at those cute bellies. LOVE it!

I got to go to Ansley's class party too. They had pizza, and this is Ansley's version of Pizza-ish food. (It also gets folded and becomes quesadilla-ish food when the need arises. :))

Her class activity was decorating treat bags and delivering treats to her classmates. She brought her friends play-doh and candy canes.

These were the place settings for my class' party. My party mom rocks. She even upped her already amazing game for this one.

The kids enjoying their special lunch.

Me with my girls--one who was ready for her nap.

Here is Addison doing her party activity reindeer craft...

and here, playing Bingo.

I love this after school shot that I took in Lili's Pre-K room.

Below is a picture of the gifts that Mrs. Jennifer and I gave our kiddos. The wrapped one is a coloring book--"Lala Loopsy" for the girls and "Cars" for the boys. The unwrapped one is a book we ordered each of them from Scholastic. It is such a sweet story about finding our identity and our worth from our maker. I highly recommend it. They were unwrapped because they were delivered ON party day. How's that for cutting it close? I was so happy to have them to give my sweet kiddos.
We returned to school that evening for our Christmas Program night: here is my class sitting on our row wearing our cute Christmas pjs. You can see my mom and dad, Patrick, Ansley, and Daniel in the background too.

My class sang "Reindeer Tapping on the Rooftop" and "Reindeer Pokey."

All of the kiddos joined together at the end to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

Then we got to visit with Santa and eat Christmas cookies and cake.  Addison loved him.

Ansley did not. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. I will always love and treasure having this memory.
It was a special day and night and made me so thankful for the loving environment that my girls--and I--get to be a part of. Merry Christmas, Sunshine School!

I have been posting like crazy today, so keep reading if you want to see what we've been up to lately. :)

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