Friday, June 07, 2013

Tender-hearted Tears

Snuggled up on the couch--still in our pjs and covered in blankets--I felt Addy cling a little closer to me and felt some moisture soak into my shirt. I lifted her head to see tears streaming down her cheeks. She shyly whispered, "Mom, I think this movie is making me cry."

I nestled her back into position against my chest, held her a little bit tighter, and allowed some of my own sympathetic tears to fall. She was watching the film, the Lorax, and she was touched deeply by the plight of the Lorax his friends who were having to leave the forest after a final leaf fell.

Then I realized that this little person was feeling empathy--naturally, in a pure form that couldn't be taught or explained.

I thanked the Lord for the way that He is forming her tender heart and allowing her to really embrace how she feels. Then I thanked Him again for allowing me to slow down enough to share this moment with her. It was a good day.

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