Friday, March 22, 2013

March Post

This March has been fun for us. It has come in like a lion for sure, and with only a little reprieve, it is still roaring on. Spring, come quickly! This is the morning of Dr. Seuss's birthday when I told the girls that we were going to his Birthday party. The Spring Hill Public Library sure did pull out all the stops.

Here are my cute Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Here are April's and my big Thing 1 and Thing 2.

They got to make Fox on Socks and eat cake.

They got to visit the balloon man and the Cat in the Hat. They had so much fun. I have never been that into Dr. Seuss, but teaching preschool and having an emerging reader has made me change my tune a little bit. Patrick LOVES Dr. Seuss, and on his tuck in nights, he always reads Green Eggs and Ham. The girls love his funny voices.

We have had Community Helpers month at school during March, and I got to dress up in a Fire Fighter's Uniform.

Actually, Linds and I had to compete against each other in who could put the uniform on the fastest. It was comical.

Ansley wears ponytails now. She's potty trained; she sleeps in a big girl bed; she wears ponytails. She is sooooo big.

Last weekend on our only 2 warm days, I got Spring Fever and decided to decorate the house thanks to my friend Ashley's conglomoration of ideas that she posted on the_handmade_home. I love my banner of book pages and 3-d eggs.

We had our Spring Party and Easter Egg Hunt at Sunshine School, and it was freezing. I had picked out some cute little dresses for the girls together when I had dreams (delusions) that it would be Spring weather. Oh well, even though they were wearing sweaters, my little egg hunters still looked festive and cute. Their favorite thing to do at home is play Easter Egg Hunt. I have crushed many an egg underfoot during this funny-but-annoying game.

Daddy came to this party! Yay! Addison made him feel like a million dollars--introducing him to all of her friends and wanting to show him everything; Ansley--well, she didn't give him the time of day, acting shy and embarrassed. Bless them both.

My class had a brunch with breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, donuts, fruit, yogurt, and orange juice. Weren't the decorations precious?

I loved this collage that I made with Instacollage, but not enough to post it to Instagram. :) So, I'll post it here.  I loved the bunny bags that I made with my class for them to hunt eggs in. I loved our concept. We had each child bring in 13 filled eggs (because we have 13 students). We numbered the eggs 1-13 with a Sharpie, had some parents hide them, and then we assigned each child a number. Addison's number was 10, so she only hunted for eggs with the number 10 on them.  It was nice because it wasn't a free-for-all, and it made the hunt take longer.

We are enjoying our last week of March on Spring Break, having Addison's ear procedure, and preparing our hearts, minds, and baskets for Easter. Hoping for--and needing--some sunny weather.

Too Big For Her Britches: Ansley's transition to her big girl bed

This picture was taken on the last morning that I greeted Ansley in her crib. I cannot believe my baby is this big!

I made her pose for one more lie down picture just for memory's sake.

Here is a first look at the rough draft of her Big Girl Room.

She thinks she is so cool.

She and Addison play in her room all the time now. She is too big for her britches, isn't she.
No matter how big she gets, this girl is my baby. I love how excited she is.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

On Wednesday, I took the girls to one of my old stomping grounds: The Brentwood Skate Center. As I walked in, I was flooded with some of my favorite childhood memories. From the picture below, it looks like Addison was having the time of her life... and she was at this point... but it did not start out that way.  After a couple of wobbly steps and a few minor falls, Addison was begging for her shoes, saying, "I don't care about this one bit. I will NEVER skate. I will NEVER like this. I can't believe you like this." After talking her into going around one time with my mom and one time with me, she still wasn't so sure. We took a break, and then she took off.  I couldn't believe it. She didn't ask for help or want help. Out of sheer determination and a decision that she made, this was her face the rest of the time. When it was time to eat, she scarfed her pizza down faster than anything I've ever seen and raced back out there. When it was time for cookie cake, she simply said, "No, thank you," turned around and raced back out there. We had to drag her off the rink when the party was over. I loved it. Every bit of it. And Mom, Linds, and I totally got our skate on too. :)

We were there to celebrate her cousins' Murphy and Mann turning 6.

She and Savannah stayed with each other and encouraged each other. Addison would stop and help people who fell. She would periodically find me and give me thumbs up. It was hilarious and sweet.

These little girls are just growing up too fast...
These younger two were funny as well. Sawyer loved the music and danced and ran around the whole time. Ansley wasn't sure what to think about it all at first, but by the end, she was doing the same.

Their party favors were these cute roller skating cookies. So appropriate!

As we left the rink, Addison said, "Mom, I think a roller skating party is in my future." We can't wait!

Community Helpers Month

This month at Sunshine School, we are celebrating Community Helpers. Each Tuesday and Thursday we have visitors coming to speak and demonstrate elements of their jobs to the children. On Tuesday we had our first visit by Franklin Police Officer Eric. The kids loved hearing his stories, seeing his equipment and sitting in his car.

On Thursday, MTEMC (Middle Tennessee Electric) came to show the kids how they climb telephone poles with their special boots, how to operate their truck, and how they take care of high wires. Look who rode up in the bucket... I still can't believe that I did it! My kids couldn't believe it either... Sweet Addison wasn't even there to see it as she spent the day with my mom because of having a fever. As I rose, my kids were yelling at me, "Mrs. Kristy, Addison is never going to believe it!"

We are looking forward to hearing from doctors, dentists, firemen, waste management workers, and learning about all the ways to work in the community. So glad my girls are getting exposed to this!