Friday, March 08, 2013

Community Helpers Month

This month at Sunshine School, we are celebrating Community Helpers. Each Tuesday and Thursday we have visitors coming to speak and demonstrate elements of their jobs to the children. On Tuesday we had our first visit by Franklin Police Officer Eric. The kids loved hearing his stories, seeing his equipment and sitting in his car.

On Thursday, MTEMC (Middle Tennessee Electric) came to show the kids how they climb telephone poles with their special boots, how to operate their truck, and how they take care of high wires. Look who rode up in the bucket... I still can't believe that I did it! My kids couldn't believe it either... Sweet Addison wasn't even there to see it as she spent the day with my mom because of having a fever. As I rose, my kids were yelling at me, "Mrs. Kristy, Addison is never going to believe it!"

We are looking forward to hearing from doctors, dentists, firemen, waste management workers, and learning about all the ways to work in the community. So glad my girls are getting exposed to this!

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