Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things I don't want to forget Part 2: the adventures of My spunky2-year-old Ansley

Oh the terrible, wonderful, bi-polar 2's. We have embraced you again in our household, this time with this little creature:

Ansley Carolina is my fiesty, inquisitive, and fiercely independent 2-year-old. She thinks that she's just as big and that she can do just as much as her big sister. From the way I fix her hair, to how we tuck in at night, she makes sure that she is on an equal playing field. She is so conversational. She loves to ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was, and she especially loves to tell us about her day at the dinner table.

Ansley is super affectionate, and she has become even more affectionate as she gets older. She is a nurturer and loves her babydoll more than anything else she owns. Sometimes her baby is Annabelle, sometimes she is Carolina Crawford, and sometimes she's just baby. She carries her and her blanket with her wherever we go, and some mornings she won't come down for breakfast until she has fed her baby her breakfast in her highchair.
Ansley had been telling me she was ready to pottytrain for awhile, but I wasn't ready. :/ We decided to potty train her on MLK weekend since we had no plans and knew we could camp out on the homefront. My little girl really was ready too. We used that Pottytraining in a day or less method that we used with Addison, and the first day you pump them full of juice all day long so that they can keep practicing. Well, after 16 trips to "pee" and 2 "poops" and only two accidents, she thought she was trained. She's doing great, but that day and weekend wore me flat out. :) She wears panties all the time during the day and pullups at night. She's only wet her pullups 4 times during the past 5 weeks that she's been "trained," so I'm hoping we can wean her from those soon. Her only hard time is naptime. She sleeps in her panties during naptime, but she has had a few accidents. She gets so upset. Bless her. I couldn't be happier with how she's doing though, and we are so thankful.

Here she is at my mom's birthday party chowing down on her special cupcakes. Her allergies are the same, but she is doing so great, and I am finding new ways and products I can use to make sure she is always included at mealtime. We went to eat at Logan's the other night, and I almost got emotional--not really, but I did feel a little giddy-- watching her devour the peanuts as fast as Patrick would shell them. I remember a time in the not-so-distant past when I wondered if she would ever be able to eat "real food."

Who can resist a little girl with pigtails. NOT ME! Especially with this scrunched up nose grin. Her character loves are still Elmo, Dora, Angelina Ballerina, and Sofia. (Addison prefers Amber to Sofia... Seriously?!?)
One thing I notice about Ansley is her emotional maturity. She is keenly aware of people's feelings, and she loves to comfort and "check on" people when they are having a "hard time."

Yesterday, I was downstairs grading papers for my University of Phoenix Survey of Literature class, and the girls had gone upstairs to change their baby doll's clothes, and they didn't come back. It got quiet. Too quiet.  When I found Ansley, she looked like this (The left hand had already soaked in fingernail polish remover at this point). You should have seen her baby doll and Doc McStuffins...
 I put her in timeout, but she was just mad. She had no idea what she had done that was so wrong... She said, "Mom, I just painted fingers. They are so pretty." Pretty soon when the pink glitter polish wouldn't come off her skin and began to itch, she started yelling, "Somebody, PUH-LEEZ give me a bath!" Bless her little heart popping a squat in timeout.
Ansley has entered her 2's full-throttle, but I am thankful to say that they are mostly the wonderful 2's these days.

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