Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love is in the Air

We have been Valentine-ing it up over here. Last week we did a bunch of nothing since we were ALL sick, and so this week we have been trying to have us some fun.  Since we completed our Valentines pretty early this month, we have spent today playing games, baking, and getting our nails all fancified.

I found this cool pattern/conversation heart activity here, and even Ansley could do some of the basic ones. I wanted to try it out with Addison to see if it would be something fun to do with our class tomorrow. Both girls loved it, and I caught them both sneaking some conversation hearts in their mouths too. :)

Then we decided to make some heart-shaped cookies. Ansley can tolerate Betty Crocker's sugar cookie mix since it just calls for one egg, and I use her special butter. Even though the girls have some cute kitchen aprons, they insisted on wearing their Home Depot ones. I asked why, and Ansley shrugged and said, "the pockets." Addison said, "Look, there's even two of them." Lol. Who can argue with that?

They even got to help decorate them too!

Addison woke up this morning requesting some "fancy hands." Ansley said that she wanted "hands like Savannah." So here we go.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you celebrate all of the love in your life!

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