Friday, February 01, 2013

February Fun: first snow day and Valentines head start

Happy February and Happy First Snow to my fellow Middle Tennesseans!!!  Even though I am not teaching in Williamson County this year, I got giddy as I saw the Snowbird Report this morning thinking about my teacher friends and former students. Everybody needs a good snow day. Of course I wish there had been more to play in, but this may be as good as it gets this year, so we will take it.

This big girl below was ALL ABOUT it--traipsing through the grass, making tracks, and exploring every inch.

This little girl: not so much.

I bribed her with fruit snacks if she would stand in the snow and smile. It worked.

She went inside right after this picture.

I couldn't get this one inside.
Their cute hats came from their Aunt Andrea. They are footballs, and one of them has an Aubie clip on it, while the other one has Big Al. As die-hard of an Alabama girl that my sister-in-law is, she sure is good about including Auburn in the mix for our girls. :) It was such a thoughtful and perfect gift for our house united/divided.

After frolicking in the short-lived snow, we came inside, drank some hot cider, and started working on our Valentines. The girls chose Disney Princess valentines for their girl classmates and Cars for their boy classmates. The princesses came with bracelets, and the cars came with "tattoons"--as Addison refers to them. :) There is another Addison in my Addy's class this year, so she has prefected labeling everything "Addison C." She even signed some of her cousins' cards "Addison C." Bless her!

I found these cute magnetic owl pads at the Target One Spot, and they were embellished with heart leaves and borders, so I thought they would be fun treats for the girls' teachers. I found some cute Valentine-y fonts here, and I chose the "I Love What You Do" and the "Love You Too" fonts for the text part.  I just punched holes and attached them with raffia. Of course, I had to be festive and drink my cider out of my old Starbucks Valentine's mug that I won at a Bunco party years ago. :)

Also, at the Target One Spot, I found a tube of 15 glow stick bracelets that I bought to give as Valentine's for my class. I tried to punch the holes in my hearts to make it look a little like Cupid's arrows and played around with the wording until I found one that fit. I used the same fonts on these. Would you believe me if I told you that Addison cut out most of these hearts??? She's good, I tell you, A-1-A. I am still pining for my Silhouette Portrait, so these were pretty bootleg. I'm talking "tracing-heart-cookie-cutters-on-the-cardstock-and-cutting-them-out-individually" bootleg, but thankfully my little craft buddy is WAY into cutting right now, and she passed her tryout with flying colors. 
We have had a full day of fun on this unexpected snow day. Welcome, February. Soooo glad you are here!


Tiffany Norris said...

Love those hats!

Anonymous said...

Love you and love your new blog design! I went a little font crazy with your link you had on this post!