Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Beach Savers

Well, since it is summertime, and I can be outside or at the pool, I am temporarily leaving my Dove Energy Glow behind...
Patrick and I are enjoying Castaway Cottage this week for our vacation, and I am developing a summertime beach-giene. Here are some products that are making my vacation low-maintenance and laid-back {some of which I found on my own, others that I have taken from magazines}.

This hair product has been my saving grace. Many of you know that I have humidity-challenged hair, and my typical once-a-week wash-and-straighten routine will NOT work. After days with ocean waves and chlorinated pools, I am managing to pull off a relatively frizz-free curly 'do with the aid of this $3.99 product!

I am loving this softoil in the evenings. It moisturizes, enhances your tan, and gives your legs a shiny--even sexy, if you will--glow without the sliminess and baby smelling-ness of typical baby oil.

This hand cream by philosophy was worn by Lindsay's labor and delivery nurse, and Mom, Linds, and I all have used it since then. It has a calming smell, and it makes your hands feel so soft!

I haven't actually used this one yet, but I plan on purchasing it ASAP. I put SPF30 all over my face, wear a visor and sunglasses, and I want to try a new bronzer to give my face a sun-kissed look too!

We've had him loaded on our ipods forever, but just this week we have deemed him as one of our favorites and definitely our go-to choice for this vacation. I'll credit our newfound interest in him to Katie Highfield Lassiter and her wedding. She walked down the aisle to one of his beautiful tunes, "I Have and Always Will."

*Last but not least is this product given to me by my dear friend Kelley. The Arbonne Ginger Citrus body butter has been hydrating my skin and making me smell so good!


The Meeks said...

I am so glad you posted all of this since we are going to Castaway Cottage soon! I can't wait to try some of this. I am glad you and Patrick are having fun. Love you.

Lindsey said...

Sure have enjoyed reading your product reviews! Now I want to go out and buy all of them. I really want to try that bronzing stick!Can't wait to hear how your trip went. You, Amy and I need to go swim one day at our or your pool! How are you feeling?