Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reflections from my pregnancy with Addison

I wrote this poem when I was just shy of 8 months pregnant with Addison, and I just found it. Thought I would share...

"I am"

I am a mommy in the making.
I wonder what my daughter will look like, what her personality will be like.
I hear her curious voice, her melodic laughter.
I see her curly pigtails, her bright eyes, her warm smile.
I want her to know my voice and feel connected to me;
I want her to trust me and feel safe.
I am a mommy in the making.

I pretend that I am not worried or scared.
I feel anxious and excited about the future.
I touch my belly when I feel her move within me.
I worry about each step in this unknown process.
I cry all of the time these days--when I am happy, sad, worried, mad.
I am a mommy in the making.

I understand there is only so much I can control.
I say that I trust God's perfect plan in all of this,
that his mercies and grace are new every morning.
I dream about our relationship as mother and daugther, playing in
park, reading stories.
I try to push out my fears, to focus on my hopes and dreams.
I hope that I can assure her that she is special and loved.
I am a mommy in the making.

This made me thankful for the journey that I have had with sweet Addison so far, the hopes and dreams about her and our relationship that have been realized [those "curly pigtails"--who knew?], and super excited about continuing this journey with Ansley.


Anonymous said...

Love this... Made me tear up. I love your sweet Addison and love Ansley so much already! You are such a great mommy.


McKinney Madness said...

How beautiful! This expresses PERFECTLY how I feel right now (and you're right- I cry ALL the time). Hope you're feeling good and enjoying these last few months with one! : )

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

What a beautiful tribute to being a "Mommy in the making" and all mothers everywhere. It should be published in a poem book!

Amy said...

I see publishing in your future :)..... So sweet!!