Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Hoorahs

With the craziness of school beginning, I am behind on here. Getting to know new faces and personalities, new minds to mold..., it's kept me occupied :) Aside from my 54 person study hall (that has now dwindled to 37, but almost made me go into preterm labor before today due to stress), I really like my classes and kiddos. We are looking forward to another great year. Being back with my friends has been refreshing too; we celebrated making it through our first "hump day" with students by devouring some gourmet cupcakes at our favorite cupcakery. Calorie therapy. :)

Our last jaunt of the summer was to Atlanta, Georgia to cheer on the Braves and do some shopping. Patrick, Lindsay, Daniel and I spent two and a half hours at Ikea, and I think we got all of our Christmas shopping done for the kiddos. I seriously could have spent 2.5 MORE hours if we'd had time and limitless budget.
The girls took Sawyer to Lenox Mall that morning while the guys took the little girls to Olympic Park to play on the playground. After their naptime and our Ikea adventure, we headed out to Turner Field for some baseball. Our realistic goal was to make it to the 4th or 5th inning. The girls surprised us by making it the whole time--we could not believe it. Little Sawyer was a CHAMP. So chill. Here are some of our pictures.
Look at those struts. :)
Playing her heart out.
Just finished the tomahawk chop.
After Chipper's Double.
Savannah cheering, "Go Braves!" Just this once though because she's a Cardinals fan.

Sawyer checking it all out.
Chilling in the room watching Scoobie Doo on Sunday morning!

We had so much fun! Thanks, Mom and Dad!


McKinney Madness said...

What a fun little road trip! Glad you guys had a good time!

April said...

Oh, Kristy.. 54 people in your study hall?! What were they thinking?? 37 is still too many! You better get those counselors to change that before I call them and complain on your behalf ;) Glad you are back in the swing of things. Miss u guys.