Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Are Christmas Cards Obsolete?

Are cards obsolete? As a traditionalist and a lover of "real mail," I hope not! In December's issue of Real Simple, the etiquette columnist suggests that in the age of Facebook where everyone has already seen your family's pictures of the year, Christmas cards are no longer necessary. She does adhere to the notion that handwritten notes are still worth sending but claims that money spent on sending Christmas cards would be better spent on a new pair of boots...

Click on the image below to read the whole column. (Click on each image below for it's post and source.)
That article made me sad. I experience pure giddiness when I get cards and notes in the mail throughout the year. I love to examine the stationery, the handwriting, the words. I love to send notes and cards as well. It's one of my love languages. (Patrick actually left a sweet note on my bedside table last night.) So, as soon as the Thanksgiving sun sets, I look forward to checking the mail every day.

Christmas cards are a way of sharing merry-ness. Whether it is including a photo of family, children, pets, travels, writing a letter, or sending a beautiful card with a wish of peace, hope, or love, I cherish each one. I usually make Patrick look at him as he winds down from work, and I always display them in our home.

To think that a tradition like this is on its way out makes me depressed. Not really, but it does hurt my heart. In our virtual age of disconnectedness, Christmas cards help us stay connected. I look forward to receiving cards from my college roommates, sorority sisters, high school friends, family, and other friendships that we've developed on life's journeys.

Am I alone in this? Some things to think about... Do you send Christmas cards? How many? What is your favorite kind of card to receive (photo, winter scene, letter, etc.)? What kind of card do you usually send? How does your list change each year?

As mentioned before, I love displaying them in our home. Collectively Genius's post on different ways to do this was inspiring. Click on the pic below for the link to the entire post.

Yesterday, Haley wrote a post on Christmas decor and included the idea of making a booklet to display cards from years past. I remembered that The Creative Place did a tutorial showing how to make one of these. (Click image below for link to post.)
I'm off to finish making my book and address the next batch of cards to send out.

Merry Christmas Card season!!!


April said...

I have being wondering the same thing! So far we have received a grand total of TWO Christmas cards this year (one of which was yours) ... and this makes me very sad. Granted, I have yet to send all of ours out, but normally we have received a lot more by this time in December. Long live the Christmas card! :)

Christy said...

I got your card and love it! You'll have mine as soon as I can get them printed and addressed and in the mail! :) Keep checking your mailbox! Merry Christmas!

We are BLESSED. said...

Oh that makes me sad, too! I am like you, I LOVE getting Christmas cards. In fact, this is the only time of year that I check the mail myself; usually Chad just gets the mail when he gets home from work! And I love looking through the old ones too - I have both of yours in my little booklets! I think it's so fun to keep them and be able to see how families and their kids change year after year. We do not send "letters" since most of our family lives super close and knows what is going on, but I do have relatives in Mississippi that send out a letter-form xmas card and I love getting it because they are usually hilarious and I only see them 1-2 times a year so its fun getting those too. I guess my favorite is the photo card, which most people send anyway.

Speaking of all this, I need your address.... again. This time I will write it down. :)

Our Christmas cards are ordered but haven't sent any yet; hoping they'll come in today or tomorrow! Happing sending and receiving!

Jesse Faris said...

I am a HUGE Christmas card advocate!! In addition, a personal hand-written message gets extra kudos!

We display our cards (via double-stick tape) on the wall next to our dining room table. After the holidays are over, I cut out all the pictures from the cards and string them onto a ribbon on the same wall. This way we can admire our friends and remember to pray for them at dinner all year long!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Funny you mention this, we've only gotten TWO so far! Usually, my kitchen cabinets are half-way covered by this time! And by the end of the season, there's no kitchen cabinet space available for more! I love cards. We do send some out, but typically just to our family that is out of town. Our in-town friends don't get one... just a link on facebook to my blog, where on Christmas Eve I will post the card. :) Cheap? Yes. We're small business owners on a very TIGHT budget. But, I do love to send out what we can afford, and recieve the ones our friends and family send.
Merry Christmas to you all!

J said...

I got less this year but also sent out less. I hope it makes a comeback...I'm getting tired of the instant gratification of FB...want some patience/fun waiting sometimes. I think the pendulum will swing back.