Thursday, December 09, 2010

Stroller Woes

Any mom out there, feel free to weigh in on this. Patrick and I have been knocking around what kind of stroller to buy for 2 children... Addison is not ready to be turned loose, and Ansley will be in her carrier for awhile. I don't want to stay cooped up because I lack the confidence... or the gear... to get out with my children. We have battled it out and discussed the following:

1. Buy nothing. Just make do with the travel system and hand holding, or if I have help, the travel system and umbrella stroller
2. A side by side umbrella stroller
3. A double jogging stroller
4. A Chicco double stroller
5. A sit and stand

We are still knocking around ideas (while trying out all of our options and becoming friends with the UPS man...)

When I was pregnant with Addison, we chose this:

The Chicco Adventure travel system. We have loved it and been super happy with it. Upon having Ansley... and still needing something for Addison, we started researching our options... Actually, we used the research that Lindsay and Daniel had done just a few months before and chose this:

Not the same color. The one we got was all black, but for my blog I though this was pretty. It was inexpensive, durable, fairly light, and it sat in my truck for 2 months. When we finally opened it up, put it together, and decided to use it, we found that the marketed "universal base" did not apply to our Chicco Key Fit Carrier. We were frustrated and we sent it back...

Then, on cyber Monday, we ordered this:
Totally made for our carrier, more than we wanted to spend, but it was Ansley's money anyway from my "Sprinkle" shower anyway, so we decided to try it out...

It weighs 47 pounds. Awkward. No turn radius. No way I could maneuver in Williams-Sonoma... We strolled Addison around our downstairs, and knocked so many things over...

Back to the UPS man.

We researched some more and found this option:

The Joovy Ultralight. Originally more than we wanted to spend, but on sale for almost $100 off. Only weighs 21 pounds. Fits our Chicco Key Fit (We'll see) and still has the sit and stand function for Ad. Who knows, but as of an hour ago, it's on its way here.

So, moms, what kinds of strollers do you use and recommend? Is having a double stroller even worth it? How do you navigate? How often do you use them?


The Scott family said...

We have a side by side Combi stroller but had to buy a Combi carseat to use it as a travel system. I. LOVE. IT!!! We use it ALL the time!!! I couldn't manage without it. It folds up as small as our single stroller and fits in the trunk of the Accord I got for AU graduation. (We went on two one week vacations in our car with it, pack & play, moses basket, cooler, picnic basket, bags, etc) It fits through regular doors and regular store aisles. If a store is super crowded, I can't go in but that's life with two little ones! I highly recommend it!

Kiera said...

We also have the Chicco travel system, so I wasn't sure which stroller to buy either. We went with the Chicco double stroller that you have pictured. It is super heavy and it's great because I just lay the back seat almost totally down for Tucker to sleep but now that he's older he just sits fine in it. Tyler never wants to ride in the stroller so he usually walks, but it's nice on occasion when he's tired, etc. But it's a beast to push when he's in the front seat... All that to say, I think you are good going with the one that has one real seat and a stand/sit seat for the older one. Kind of wish we would have done that. It's nice to be able to just snap your carrier in, but if the seat lays back it works good to just snuggle the baby up in it. Ok, I know that went round in circles. But I think the one you ordered this last time is going to be a winner, sounds like it anyway. I use my stroller constantly because I'm always on the go and if Ty doesn't want to sit, I can put all my shopping bags there, or use it for a grocery cart, which I do often. :) Good luck!!