Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cards of Christmases Past

I've been working on our family's Christmas scrapbook and Holiday picture albums, and it's been fun to walk down memory lane thinking about our past Christmases as Crawfords. Here is a recap.2005: our "Just Married" Christmas. This was our first Christmas in our first house, with our first pre-lit tree bought with Wedding Home Depot gift cards. We bought our Pottery Barn stockings, hosted dinner parties and teen parties, and made our own traditions. (This was also our first picture card. I love it because it documents our beautiful wedding, but it makes me sad because Sarah Greer and DB were cut out, and Al Millergren is only halfway in... oh well.)

2006: our Maggie Christmas. We made our sweet bichon a part of our family that July and, of course, ordered her a matching PB stocking. I hosted Christmas Bunco, December lifegroup, and we had more teen and friend parties as well.

2007: our first Tender Tennessee Christmas in our new house. I hosted my annual Christmas gathering with my high school girlfriends at our house. Patrick and I also hosted the Crawford Christmas at our house! (We felt VERY adultish.) I was sick with pneumonia, but we enjoyed a hope-filled celebration with family and friend activities nonetheless.
2008: Addison's first Christmas. Even though she was just shy of 3 months, we made this holiday all about out baby girl--establishing our traditions as a family of 3. We had Christmas morning at our house, went to my parents' for brunch, and traveled to Louisville (P's parents) for Christmas dinner. I grew up doing the same trek as a little girl and am excited to share that tradition with my girls.
2009: Patrick's coming home Christmas. After spending most of 2008 on the road, Patrick had a local project beginning in November, and that afforded him the opportunity to find a job that brought him home for good in January. At 14-15 months old, Addison embraced the holiday, proclaiming, "Ho Ho Ho" to everyone she greeted.

We have already made some fun 2010 Christmas memories, and I look forward to this weekend even more!

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