Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Craft for Coffee Lovers

I love to sew, but this summer it was more of a favorite past time, unfortunately. I have had material and patterns to make the girls matching dresses since last summer, and they are still in my craft closet. Oh well.

With all the new babies in our friends and families' lives, I have enjoyed making burp cloths and bibs, but that was about it... Until I finally tried my hand at this:
I have 3 coffee-loving friends who had spring/summer birthdays, and so I made these coffee cozys as part of their gifts. Cute, aren't they!?! I used this tutorial, and it is very basic. It was my first time sewing on batting which is a little tricky, and the rubber band part was a little tricky too, but the pattern was very straightforward. I loved the way they turned out, and I think my friends did too!

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Haley said...

Um, yes please. Too cute.