Saturday, August 13, 2011

I love it when we're CRUISING together!

Can't believe my sweet baby is getting so big. She is crawling, pulling up, and CRUISING!

(I am so behind on posts because after we got the MAC update, our camera software hasn't synced to upload pictures. These poor quality pics are from my phone, but I needed to document something for my little girl.)
Ansley's favorite toys are her pull up alphabet soup table, any ball she can sneak away from her sister, and she has recently discovered her Little People and the play kitchen.

Her babbles have picked up a bit. She is saying bye-bye, ball, and something that is working towards "bottle." She nods and says, "oh," and she still "ma-ma's" and "da-da's" indiscriminately.
She is becoming more interested in her stories, and her favorites this month have been Brown Bear, Elmo's So Big book, and Peek-a-boo Elmo.
I love this picture of Ansley. It was on our first day of school, and she's wearing her Jackson Hole shirt that says "Making Friends." Patrick said that was the perfect shirt for my daughter. I want to get her started off right, you know?!? I also love it because of her "poot" face and her new lunch box. The perfect back-to-school gift, but especially significant for sweet Ans because it indicates that she can EAT!

This month we have added many foods to Ansley's "CAN eat list." She gets nourishment and nutrition from the following:
  • sweet potatoes
  • bananas
  • apples
  • peas
  • green beans
  • squash (The first kind that I made her was summer squash and the texture was pretty coarse--she gagged and vomited each bite. This time I tried butternut squash, and she loves it. I love the fact that just one of these gourds made 16 servings for her.)
  • me on my dairy free diet (4 times a day)
Just before she turned 9 months old, and after she had hive reactions to carrots and pears, we were referred to an allergist. Her doctor tested her for 47 things. No exaggeration. Her poor back was covered in markings and pricks, and she showed reactions to both milk proteins (casein and whey) and eggs (both the yolk and the whites). Surprisingly, she did not react to soy, rice, or wheat, and her doctor said that she definitely could have outgrown them by then... I have not had the courage to retry any of the things that she reacted to initially; instead, I have just wanted to add to the list of can's. Interestingly, Patrick was allergic to both milk and eggs until he was around 4 years old. Anyway, we try meats this week, so please keep thinking of her.

We did have a super-scary allergy-related moment this month. Addison's sippy cup spilled 2 drops of milk on Ansley's ear. By the time I had stripped her down to dunk her in the bathtub, she had hives all over her shoulders and down her back. It was 5:01, so my phone call to the pediatrician was forwarded to the Vanderbilt triage nurse. Thankfully she walked me through how to treat Ansley. Thankfully the benadryl worked, and I did not have to administer the epi-pen... Scary what 2 drops on her skin can do, and I am afraid of what 2 drops ingested would do. We are truly considering (at our allergist's suggestion) transitioning Addison to soy milk and removing goldfish snacks from our pantry. With Ansley's mobility and curiosity and the innocent swapping of sippy cups, we do not want to take any chances.

Ansley is a funny baby, and she really likes to make people laugh. She also is testing us--she loves to laugh at us when we tell her "no."

She got a good report at the doctor--she weighs just under 17 pounds which puts her in the 20th% for weight, measures 28 inches long falling around the 50th%, and has a large...brain :)... in the 90th%.

We couldn't love this little girl more.

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