Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our little pumpkin...

is 11 months old! She's is also large and in charge.

This month Ansley is eating chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, peaches, pears, green beans, carrots, squash, peas, oatmeal, puffs, and new this month, PUMPKIN! (I'm trying things I may use in her cake. See post below.) She has also had 2 bottles of soy formula, and we are testing her body's agreement with that before I wean her at a year.

Ansley is busy and is into EVERYTHING. Her favorite toy is the play kitchen, and she already hides things in the oven. She loves to walk behind her bus or kitchen chairs, but has not ventured out on her own, aside from the occasional step, just yet. She loves making marks with sidewalk chalk. She is also loving swinging at the park, after her initial resistance to being put into the swing.

She adores her big sister. [She also has become a pesky little sister, pulling Addison's hair, taking toys away and saying "mine," and "no no no'ing" her. Then she just laughs and laughs.]

She talks all the time. My list of her words grows every day. Most recently she has learned to say all the babies' names [her friends] in her room at school: Stella, Juli, and Ady. Being the oldest, she bosses them around and "no no no's" them quite a bit, I fear. :) She is also saying her version of the following: mama, dada, Maggie, Addy, Ah-oh spaghetti-os, down, more, yeah, no, oh, bye-bye, ball, puff, (ba)nana, baby, mine, nigh-night, I did, Elmo, Dora, Sawyer. She's working on pumpkin and scarecrow, but she still mostly just points and "oh's" those. She also tries to sing the abc's. It sounds like "ah, beh, sey, deh, babble babble babble." It cracks her up. I LOVE watching her mind at work and seeing her sense of accomplishment when she does something new.

She still loves all the same books, but she has shown preference for Twinkle Toes this month and is loving the touch and feel "Spooky" book.

At school she naps once a day, but on Wednesdays and at home, she naps 2x a day. When our schedule can allow it, she sleeps 12 hours at night. She has 4 teeth: her bottom two, and her top fangs. Don't know what it is about my girls getting their vampire fangs first, but it's pretty cute.

This month she has been to some of her first friend birthday parties: her friend Molly's 1st princess birthday (along with her 3-year-old sister) and her sister Addison's 3rd. She saw those presents and knew just what to do.
[Notice her "Littlest Princess" shirt and her princess skirt. Of course, she is holding her sister's magic slipper. :)]
[A scrunched up grin right after we had to take away one of her sister's presents. Stinker.]

Good thing too, because we'll be celebrating with a lady-bug picnic for our Ansley-bug in a couple of weeks...

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