Monday, November 14, 2011

Ansley-bug's 1st Birthday Party: Part 1

I cannot believe my baby girl is 1.This has been a long and hard and wonderful and special year with her, and we celebrated her birthday ladybug style. We had 2 celebrations for her, and the first one was an after school ladybug picnic with friends.

I wanted to document her growth and changes throughout the year, so I made this month by month banner:
The tissue paper flowers are leftover from Addison's Dora Soiree. I also wanted to decorate her high chair because I knew we'd take pictures of her smashing her cake. I wish I'd gotten a close up of the ladybugs in between the words. I had tooooo much fun with those. :)

For this party I served pink lemon/limeade, homemade tortilla chips and guacamole and salsa, apples, pumpkin spice muffins, and chex mix for the kids. Here is a picture of the spread:
I know the tablecloth is a little wrinkled. While I love the details of things, I am oblivious to those kinds of details. I was just excited that at the last minute, Patrick found this in our linen closet.
I am going to do a separate post on her cake (an allergy-related post), but here is a picture of the mini pumpkin spice muffins and toppers that I made. We devoured them!
I found this grassy piece in my mom's guest room and the ladybug eggs in my holiday tub when we pulled out our fall stuff, so that was an easy kitchen table centerpiece.
For treats, I got these ladybug wings for the baby girls, the books for the baby boys and babies on the way, and the bubbles for the big kids.
I made the tags below:
Ansley did not love her hat at this party:
But she DID love being sung to:
And she loved opening her presents:
I am so lucky to work with some of my closest friends. Through our friendships, our children have also bonded. Many of them spend most of their days together in the Eagle's Nest. Even cooler, 4 of us had 4 precious girls within 9 months of each other. Here are the 4 sweet baby girls and their mommies. These are Ansley's friends from school:
Jen and Juli Claire (6 months); me and Ans (12 months); Angie and Stella (4 months); Wren and Molly (13 months).

Thanks for celebrating her birthday and for all the prayers and encouragement from the past year, dear friends.

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