Monday, August 20, 2012

Pioneer Pinterest Party

Friday night I had a party with some of my favorite girlfriends. We all met while working at Independence High School over a 5-year span. Of the 7 of us, only 2 remain at IHS, but our friendships continue to flourish. We have done life together--through boyfriend drama to to engagements and marriages. When our friendship began, there were no children in the mix. Now we have 11 babies between us. I love these girls.

I really love their style, and Pinterest has just enhanced that love. I repin them more than any other friends I have.

So we decided to have a Pinterest party. We created a board that we could all pin to, and each person made an appetizer that they found from Pinterest and brought their crafts to make a fall wreath. Then we ate and crafted the night away. We had a ball.

This is what we ate: cream cheese dill cucumber bites, pizza roll ups, hummus, sausage cheese dip, fruit pizza cups, chocolate chip pound cake, and chocolate peanut butter squares. Talk about decadent.

We made burlap wreaths, linen wreaths, moss wreaths, and team wreaths. I only have 4 pictured below, but they were all unique and beautiful.

It was so much fun, and we are already planning our next one!


Tiffany Norris said...

I love the idea of a wreath above the fireplace! May have to steal this one!

April said...

11 babies?! That is almost hard for me to believe.. but it's true! I had fun.. can't wait to do it again :)