Sunday, January 03, 2010

Re-entry and my favorite Christmas present

Re-Entry. I learned this phrase from my mom, and it always referred to the first weeks after tax season when my dad was finally around more. She'd been running things for 3+ months while he'd been working like crazy, and during those transitional weeks, they had to reestablish some ground rules.

Now that P and I are permanently back under the same roof (meaning he's not traveling for his job anymore--not from being "separated"--just clarifying), we are relearning each other. This is exciting in many ways, and it is challenging in others. I'm calling it our "re-entry." We're reestablishing our ground rules. We are both leaders in our own ways; we can both be stubborn; we both feel pretty strongly about "our way" being the best. I've been running things for 10 months, and he's ready to get back into the game. We have had many important conversations, some calm and some heated, and we are so thankful for each step in this process, each of our growing pains. We know that the Lord will use this time to stretch us (like He did this entire past year) and strengthen our marriage. Patrick having the opportunity to work back here is what we have been praying for, and I'm ever thankful and lucky that the Lord answered our prayers and that Patrick is my husband.

His being back means that I *get* to cook more. Preparing meals for 1 got pretty old, so I am trying to add some new things to my repertoire. Tonight I used my new favorite Christmas present:

and I made Southern Living's January recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. Yum. It was good. I needed to cook my man a good supper so he could get ready to start his new job tomorrow.

Lots of new things are beginning tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Jealous of your new pot!! And your clean house! Thanks for the motivation.. a clean house is also on my New Year's Resolution list.

Tiffany Norris said...

Congrats on your husband's new job! I'm just catching up, but glad y'all had a great Christmas.