Saturday, January 09, 2010

Some of my current favs...

This funny face saying "cheese..."
Using this great resource to help plan my weekly meals and grocery lists... and feeling inspired through keeping up with her unique story and witty words. I love her photography tutorials and her harlequin story is worth the read for sure! Plus, she knows what she's doing in the kitchen. Her mac and cheese is scrumptious.

Listening to my favorite songs on demand on the great Grooveshark. While I will always be a loyal Pandora member, my instant gratification moments are best met by Grooveshark--

especially when I want to hear my favorite songs from my favorite show. I have not missed an episode, and I refuse to delete them on my DVR. I feel like I LIVE this show. I can find a match to every single one of the characters from my students, and the music just makes me happy--Mr. Schu's not too bad either... :)
Rereading and TEACHING my favorite book by my favorite author to my AP kiddos in conjunction with our "gender" unit.

Graduating myself from a "My Agenda" and keeping my life organized with my new "Mom Agenda."

Ending my day studying one of my favorite books of the Old Testament with Beth Moore's unique commentary. This go around I'm reading Esther as a suspenseful, complex God-orchestrated road to self-discovery with a rapturous love story, and I can hardly wait to settle down with it--and a cup of hot tea--each evening.Waking up to this pretty toothy grin, chapped cheeks and all!


Sarah Armstrong said...

I love how your blog posts often bring things to my attention that I would have perhaps never known about had it not been for you! I have been familiarizing myself with grooveshark and the momagenda for the past 10 min! :) Love it!!

J said...


Kelley Brown said...

Love the new pics!! :) Addison is so adorable. And yes, LOVE Glee, LOVE my Mom Agenda, and LOVE Beth Moore's Esther Study. About half way through it. Miss you!

Tiffany Norris said...

Pandora has been blocked at work (tragic!), so I'll definitely check out Grooveshark.

Amy said...

Love sweet Addy Pillar's looks. She has so much personality--- hope to see you both again soon.