Friday, May 07, 2010

Saver's Weekend

I'm so excited! My great friend April (from here) is married to Patrick's great friend Jeremy, and he organized this workshop tomorrow! I'm going with my friend Jen (Jack's mom from here), and we look forward to learning some great money-saving tips. Jenny began the popular website Southern Savers which is one of the most streamlined, helpful websites I've referenced.

If you in the Nashville area and interested in going, she'll be at Brentwood Baptist tomorrow morning from 9-12. Proceeds from tickets are going to help flood victims. You can buy them here!

Hope to be back soon with all the new things I've learned.


We are BLESSED. said...

Oh let me know how you like it! I am registered for the Bham class but it's not until September! I have been wanting to go to her workshop for a while now - I think it will be one of the best. I LOVE her website.

Kristy said...

Haley, she was definitely interesting and helpful. The best info I got was about the CVS world--an animal I have not yet attacked. There, of course, were people who asked dumb questions and took up too much time, and then there were IKEs, but it was totally beneficial! Hope you enjoy her in Sept!