Sunday, June 06, 2010

A fun-filled week!

Whew! It's been nice to have today to catch our breath and regroup. We had a filled-to-the-brim week last week, and we are loving summer. This post is going to be a recap in words and pictures...

We started the summer reading program at the library on Tuesday. We go there on Tuesdays for story time and crafts, and Addison loves it! To complete the program, we have to read 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks--a total of 300 minutes. The book-lover-nerd I am began doing these reading programs at a young age too, but as you can see from the pictures below, I am not having to pull any teeth to get this little one interested in reading. In fact, we are well into the 2nd week's worth of 75 minutes!
In the mornings, after her naps, when I'm putting her laundry away, and of course, at night, Addison pulls herself into the rocker and pulls books off her shelf, saying, "I read books! Oh boy!" I LOVE it!

We also went to 2 water play days with friends--one group from our class at church and the other with my school mommy friends. Addison had a blast at both! Unfortunately I don't have picture's from Laura Beth's house because I ambitiously took both Savannah and Addison to this one. They were both so good and obedient and sweet, but they were also equally adventurous, and I did not relax for a minute. There were these moms just relaxing watching their kids play, and I just laughed to myself, thinking "one day..." because at one point I saw Addison going head first down a waterslide (to which she replied, once she caught her breath, "That hurt me! I do it AGAIN!" Sigh...) and Savannah--across the yard--halfway up a ladder to a tree house, yelling for me, "Kiki, can you get me down from here????" Like I said, both girls were great, and I made sure to compliment them. Savannah told Lindsay when she woke up from her nap, "I'm a good girl, Mommy. I'm a sweetheart." She is!

The second day, we went to Jen and Jackson's house. He had been asking his mommy where "Addison Crawford" was, and so she got the kiddos together. I had so much fun with Jen, Karen, Wren, and Sue Alice while Addison played with Jack, Olivia, Micah, and Brecken. We all oohed over sweet Rowan napping in the sun, and Jen fed us the best chicken salad--a close competitor with Meredee's and Puffy Muffin.

We celebrated Maggie's 4th Birthday--that I almost forgot--on Friday, and Addison and I went to Pet Smart to pick out a present for her. A sang the Birthday song over and over all the way there and back!

We had my parents over for dinner to thank my dad for being our fabulous CPA and as a send off for their Greece trip. I made my tomato pie from last summer, and oh, the goodness of it...

Addison and I went to swimming lessons on Saturday. During the Saturdays in June, A and I are taking the "Mommy and Tot" lessons with Wren and Olivia. As much as a fish as she's been, she was a little hesitant in the "big pool." Every new activity began with a "No, No, No..." until she warmed up to it. I was glad that her buddy Olivia was there because for everyone of A's "No's," Olivia was squealing, "Yeah, yeah!" It was adorable.

Saturday night my favorite guy and I got together with some of my favorite friends and their guys to celebrate another friend's wedding. We have so much fun together, and it doesn't matter where we go, we like to shut the place down. I'm so thankful for them and for ending my fully fulfilling week with them!
Heather, me, Jen, Angie. This is me 1 day shy of 18 weeks prego--yeah, I know I'm really popping out fast this second time around...

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McKinney Madness said...

Well I'd say you've had a fun week!! I love that Addison loves reading!! I'm crossing my fingers ours takes after me instead of Trey, otherwise we may have trouble brewing in the reading department. : ) You look great!!