Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Gives You What You Need...

We are so excited about welcoming
another baby GIRL
in early November.
sure will be lucky to have Addison as her big sister.

Yesterday was the big ultrasound day, and my heart was filled with all of the hopes, dreams, fears, and anxiety that comes with seeing your baby for the first time. In my experiences with friends and family, I have learned to not take anything for granted--especially the health of a precious child in the womb. Unfortunately, and ashamedly, I am usually distracted by fear in the preceding days. Thankfully, this time, with the Lord's help, I was better able to submit those thoughts to Him. It was still a long few days before... :)

I know that people say things and throw preferential desires out there, but at the core of every mother's, every parent's desire is the simple prayer for a healthy child. I truly believe this. My prayer during this pregnancy has been for another healthy child and for God to give Addison the sibling that she needs as well as the child that he chooses for Patrick and me to raise to glorify Him.

All I have known as an individual is the joy of having a sister, a built-in playmate/best friend. I adore my sis, and I knew that I would love for Addison to get to experience that same joy. On my husband's side, he had the experience of both a brother and a sister, and I wistfully desired that for Addison too. We do not know what the final picture of our earthly family will look like, and we try to approach our growing family blessing by blessing. God graciously blessed us with Addison, and he found favor with us in blessing us with this second child.

I cannot express the overwhelming joy that came when we saw our daughter on that screen yesterday. The same joy that I know would have been there if we were seeing a son. However, with this joy came an unbelievable sense of peace that THIS is the child that God chose for us. He is so good.

So, now comes the fun part of officially preparing for baby Ansley. A couple of weeks ago we confirmed her name selection. Lying in bed one night feeling the baby move, Patrick said, "Kris, this baby needs a name." What followed was a fun and agreeable discussion. We love A names for little girls, and Ansley was one that we had thrown out there when naming Addison. Carolina is special to us for several reasons. I lived in Charleston the summer after my sophomore year of college with 3 of my high school best friends. It was a transforming, magical experience. Sounds dramatic, I know, but I learned a lot about what I wanted my life to be like while living there. It is also special to Patrick and me as a couple because it is where we spent our 6 month honeymoon vacation. Thirdly, when Patrick was traveling for work last summer, he spent 18 weeks in North Carolina. Addison took her first plane ride with me to visit her daddy there, and we made such special memories. We are excited to give our daughter this name. We also love that our girls will have the same initials. Plus, English teachers and alliteration go hand in hand. (We equally loved our boy name too, but this now just feels so right!)

I have loved Addison's nursery, and I am excited that with just a few minor changes, I can turn it into Ansley's nursery. Now, I also have the go-ahead and freedom to plunge full-force into decorating Addison's big-girl room! It's off to a cute start.

In addition to decorating, Patrick and I have some reading to do. I'm starting my mother's day gift from my mom, Bringing up Girls. Patrick is rereading Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. We are humbled and honored that God has entrusted us with daughters to raise.

We are just giddy with excitement, and we hope we cherish these 4+ months of waiting and preparing.

P.S. Little Ansley was a WILD CHILD. She hardly stopped moving, and she's already long. Her legs were measuring late October!!! November 8th is my due date, but my c-section has not been scheduled yet.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement.


April said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing your heart. We are so excited for you, Patrick, and Addison. Can't wait to meet little Ansley!

Sarah Armstrong said...

LOVE that name!! So glad all is well!

We are BLESSED. said...

Yay! That is so exciting. I love the name too! Sisters are so much fun.

L said...

yay! congrats! what a beautiful name...she and Addison are going to be sweet sisters!! Have fun decorating. :)

Tiffany Norris said...

Congrats! Addison and Ansley sound perfect together. :)

McKinney Madness said...

How exciting! I was wondering when you'd find out, because you're a few weeks ahead of me and I find out on Tuesday what we're having. You're right- these last few days before the ultrasound are brutal, but God is good and like you said, always gives us what we need. So happy for you (and I love the name, too)!

Kelley Brown said...

YAY!!!! I just love her name! It rolls off the tongue. And I love that she already has super long legs. :) She's going to be a tall model like her mama. I totally get the desire for Addison to have a sister, as sisterhood is all I know myself too. I really want Grace to have a sister. Most importantly, I'm incredibly grateful that Ansley is healthy and thriving. Can't wait to see you in a few days!