Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Easter Blessings

It is a little late for an Easter post, but I don't want to miss the event altogether. Patrick and I loved setting up the Easter baskets. We couldn't wait to put the girls to bed so we could get started. Our philosophy on Easter and the Easter Bunny is this. We acknowledge him, and we wave to him at the mall, and we pet real bunnies, but Patrick and I bring the treats. We hunt for eggs and enjoy candy, but we try to remind them about our risen Savior.

We usually try to incorporate a summer activity in our gifting, and since we got a tent for Christmas, we gave the girls sleeping bags for Easter. I thought it was going to be quite an investment, but I was pleasantly surprised that I found these gems for $14.99 at Academy Sports. Patrick and I got ourselves some green ones, and I think our first outdoor, backyard campout is coming soon. We also got them Dr. Seuss books, Honeybee Tees from my friend Darby's cute Spring Trunk Show, Addison--accessories for Kit and Ansley furniture for her Calico Critters house, peeps, and jelly beans.

Their treats were a hit!

Kit is in many of our family shots now. ;)

I was so excited for the girls to get to wear their Easter dresses. I had bought them at Belk last September when they were on clearance, and I just hoped that I had chosen the right sizes. They are my favorite color of blue--my bridesmaids' dresses were the same hue.

After church, we met up at my mom and dad's house for a brunch and an egg hunt. We don't usually get to make a very big deal about Easter because of tax season and my dad's responsibilities, but we did enjoy some time together since we were all in town and able to this year. We had sausage and egg breakfast casserole, ham and biscuits, bacon, blueberry cheesecake bread, fruit, orange rolls, and banana bread. Then, we hunted eggs inside since it was wet outside.

So thankful for my family!

Opening another basket from Jaydee and Bear.

Sweet littlest "buddies."
 Sweet big cousins.

The girls:

 All four of the sweet cousins

 Another sweet one of my family

My parents:

Me and my hubby:

Linds and Daniel:

Getting ready to hunt:

 Getting ready to hunt in their new Easter flip flops:

 Me and my sister had to get a picture, and her high heels made her TALLER than me. Crazy!
 I didn't get any pictures of this (I think you did, Linds?!?), but we did an Easter activity that I found from Pinterest where you open 12 eggs, and each has a verse and an object that represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It was so neat for the kids to take turns opening the eggs. We also made resurrection rolls. It was a lovely celebration to celebrate our risen Lord.

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