Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spontaneous Saturday Tulip Trip [and a party for one of favorite new1-year-olds]

It has been a beautiful Spring day here in middle Tennessee, and we have been so thankful to spend the day outdoors. This morning we enjoyed celebrating our sweet friend Lauralee's first birthday--I just LOVE 1st birthday parties, and this little one-year-old was an angel at hers. Afterwards, we needed to look at some of P's properties to drop off plans and check on things, and then the girls needed to go to the bathroom, and then we just happened to end up at the beautiful tulip exhibit at Cheekwood. It couldn't have worked out better if I'd had planned it myself. ;)

So, of course, we used this opportunity to snap some pictures with our little wildflowers.

I love spontaneous Saturdays.

Before our Cheekwood tulip adventure, we got to celebrate this little beauty, Lauralee, turning one, and I borrowed some of her mommy's pictures so that I could brag on my friend Reid. She planned such a perfect little party for her precious 1-year-old. This poster picture below is one of those $3 Staples creations. I have got to try one of those one of these days.

This L photo board started off inside, but as the morning warmed up and the party moved outdoors, the L came out as well to be a present opening backdrop.

Remember that poster photo up top? Well, Reid also turned it into a coloring sheet for party favors for all the little girls. So precious.
She made a classic month-by-month banner to show all of her changes and developments...

And she also did this cute photo tree.

Her party food was both beautiful and delicious.
My favorites were the cheese blintz with strawberries, the asparagus fontina tart, and apple potatoes.

The cupcakes were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. They were too delicious NOT to eat.

Reid's parents have a little girls' backyard Heaven, and my girls had so much fun playing with their little friends.

Daddy had fun playing with his friends too.

And, well, I did too!

Lauralee was the cutest little cake eater.

Big sister Lane was such a BIG help!

And we even got a fun family shot also. Thanks, Reid!

We had already had a full day, but it didn't stop there. After we came home to rest, we went back out for a triple date with some of our favorite friends [who we had already partied with that morning] --Reid, Franklin, Katie, and Robert. We waited an hour and a half to eat the best burgers in town at the Pharmacy. We had so much fun and are so thankful for an adult night out. Our kids were sad to miss out--Addison was actually devastated about our "adult only lifegroup"--but we are also thankful for great family who took care of our kids so we could enjoy it. Thanks Linds and Daniel for sending these fun pictures throughout the night:

Helping to make dinner

Taking batting practice with Uncle Daniel.
We were so thankful to have a fun-filled Saturday.

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