Friday, April 19, 2013

In Addison's World this Week

Miss Addison has just had a regular week, but I wanted to record some of her special moments in her every day. This below is one of them: Addison has been taking on more chores and responsibilities, and one of them has been taking Maggie out. Of course her little sister joins her whenever she can. I was opening the blinds in the living room, and I happened to catch this shot of the sisters just chatting away in their pjs on the ottoman. I am so thankful I looked out at the moment because it didn't last long, but how sweet how it lasted.
On Friday, we had an unexpected and welcome invitation to go to the Adventure Science Museum with my old friend Hannah from Montgomery. Hannah worked with Patrick in youth ministry at Landmark, and we shared ministry experiences, mission experiences, simultaneous engagements and weddings, creating our first home havens, and sharing the recipes from our early married dinner parties. We've kept in touch since we moved back to Nashville, but we've missed the raising children together phase of friendship. It was super fun to get to spend the morning with her and her precious boys, Nolan and Bennett, while their family was in town visiting other family. Addison soaked up every bit she could of all of the exhibits and games. Her highlights were going to the very top of the lookout with Hannah, and, as always,  the capillaries and veins. She cracks me up splashing through the water.  Ansley loved being along for the ride too, and while she didn't understand the "science" part too much, she is always up for the "adventure" part.

Addison's buddy Ben had his birthday party this weekend at Monkey Joe's, and she was so excited to get to go run and jump and play. She did not stop the whole time, and I could hardly get an action shot she was moving so fast.  There were 8 kids from our class there, and it was so much fun to get to be there both as a teacher and a mommy.

Addison with the super adorable birthday boy
Addison and Sammy.

Other special buddies: Kristen, Addison, and Ivy.

We spent a lovely Spring night with our old and dear friends Kelly and Evan McCasland and their kiddos, Georgia and Kyle at Arrington Vineyards. There was free music and the kids just ran and played. Addison met every kid there, and I love how she doesn't meet a stranger.

Her daddy taught her all about static electricity, and she has been doing this non-stop.

She's been in Strawberry Shortcake, Ariel, or Jasmine character, and she always finds and outfit to match.

She's been insisting on fixing her own hair. This is after she brushed it out and put a bow in. Bless her.

She is been getting much more confident on her bicycle. After we went to get the staples out of her head from falling off of a picnic table at a church picnic, we went to the Brentwood library for story time and then River Park for bike riding and play with her cousins. Just a few short weeks ago, we saw and heard tears from Addison when we even helped her get on her bike, but once she has learned how to put on the brakes, and how to use her legs to pedal, she has shown much more interest and gained much more confidence. The fact that Savannah and her neighborhood friends are riding their bikes too has helped tremendously as well.

And last but not least, we are adding a piano to our household. While it is still a little early for formal lessons, I am excited about Addison (and Ansley) learning to play an instrument and music filling our home again.

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Heather Price said...

I love, love this post about Addison. She's such a sweet, spirited, beautiful girl with a sweet momma!