Monday, July 26, 2010

Cajun Country--Bayou Bound

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This past weekend, Patrick, Addison, and I flew down to New Orleans, Louisiana. Cool people call it NOLA. We had a blast, and Addison traveled beautifully. [Thanks to all of you who responded to my facebook query.]

We were able to use up some of P's free tickets that he acquired during his days of travel last year, and we got to visit with Steven and celebrate our upcoming 5th anniversary--all before our life changes again!

Here are some highlights of our trip:
[Eating beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde--sign in the back. These delicacies are the texture of funnel cakes, the look of toaster strudels, covered with copious powdered sugar. Tastes like heaven. Topped off with a Cafe au Lait and completed with me devouring spoonfuls of leftover powdered sugar, this meal started off our venture in the city. Fun fact--the last time my mom ate at Cafe Du Monde she was pregnant with me, and I will get to share with Ansley that I was pregnant with her in this pic.]
[Walking around Jackson Square in The French Quarter--capturing some of the prettiest balconies that we saw--complete with the jazz and Mardi Gras influence.]
[Pictures of us walking around in the heat. Steven warned us how miserable it would be. We thought we were tough, but it soon became unbearable. So, then, we would just pop into a shop, and our little person coped with the heat through napping!]
[Where we ate lunch. Previously seen in John Grisham's The Runaway Jury where the jurors see the judge eating]
[The Famer's Market and Open Air Market]
[Our face in the hole picture. We didn't realize at the time what it was promoting, just wanted a face in the hole picture... Oops.]
[Our favorite t-shirt company: Crawdaddy's T-Shirt Company... and my favorite t-shirt: "Who's Your Crawdaddy?" Patty Crawdy, that's who! :)]
[family pic at LS Who's campus]

[We forgot our camera the last night when we went to Boutin's--could have kicked ourselves because it was the quintessential cajun experience--full of alligator eating, dancing to local music, and feeding the turtles in the pond. Addison was in her element. Steven took some pics with his iphone that I hope he'll send us.]
[It was a great trip, and Steven was a great host! Addison sure does love her Uncle Steven.]

We enjoyed immersing into the cultural experience--especially dining wise with all of our crawfish--crawfish po'boys, crawfish etouffe, crawfish enchiladas, boudon balls, alligator, and red beans and rice. Thankfully we took enough Tums!

***More pics on my upcoming facebook album.***


Tiffany Norris said...

How fun! Love those beignets!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

I LOVE the shot of you and Addison holding hands, walking. Too sweet. Your little belly is just precious too! What a darling family.

McKinney Madness said...

All I can say is, YUM! YUM! YUM! Sounds so tasty, and I'm so glad you were able to go and enjoy a nice get-a-way before baby Ansley is born!
Sidebar: We just got the same stroller that you guys have! Great minds think alike!

Kristy said...

Cort--We have loved this travel system! I'm sure you guys and Sarah Taylor will too! I'm trying to figure out what to do double-wise...

Dana said...

I was so glad when I got my chance to have beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde! Looks like a blast!

On a side note, you're a beautiful pregnant girl!

J said...

Love all the pics and you look amazing!