Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chi Omega "Mansion Girls" Reunion

Well, we did it again. Thankfully. Last year I posted about our reunion (with a fun "before picture"), and we said we'd make it an annual one, and 2 years in a row is pretty good for us! This year, 6 of our original 9 came with our 11 [and growing] kids in tow. It was a wild and eventful day, but we managed to breeze into instant comfortability with each other as always...

(all of our motley crew!)

This year we met in Huntsville (coming from Nashville, Atlanta, Florence, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa) at Amy's abode, and her house was completely wrecked by the end of the day. Our kids all became fast friends and got along great. Every parenting style is so different, but the six of us were on the same page, and it made things so much more relaxed. These women are ones whom I respect and admire, and I'm so glad to have (and for Addison ~and soon Ansley~ to have) relationships with their precious children.

We laughed and cried and talked and talked. None of us could believe how fast our time together flew. It was encouraging, humbling, and refreshing to hear their individual stories of what God is doing in their sweet families' lives. From adoption to child loss, to job struggles, from staying home or working or trying to do some of both, these women are strong mothers and wives for their families. I'm thankful for them, Here are a few photos--that I took and borrowed--of our fun-filled day!

The kiddos (from top): Bennett Green, Eli Stapler, Henry Debardeleben, Carter Brown, Mary Taylor Debardeleben, Addison Crawford, Grace Brown, John Walt Methvin, Tate Methvin, Bennett Green [Not pictured: a sleeping Caroline. On their way: Melissa and Dee's little boy, Charles Tucker, who they are adopting from Uganda this fall and Ansley Crawford. Missing: Turner Armstrong and Ceely Bateman]

The roommates: Christi Ikerd Green, Amy Kyle Stapler, Kelley Brown, Kristy Dean Crawford, Melissa Jackson Debardeleben, Rebekah Wright Methvin. [missing: Sarah Stone Armstrong, Mary Cook Bateman, Kimper Cannon Thomas--missed you girls!]

(I have many more action shots in my summer facebook album!)


Sarah Armstrong said...

I so hate I missed this fun reunion this year! Looks like a wonderful day! Miss you all!

Amy said...

We decided to just get a dog and have him lick all the leftovers up off the floor :o). Loved having you all here. Can't wait for our childless girls weekend!!!

Melissa said...

Great post! I was wondering if you had a blog. You of all people should be using your incredible writing skills! Glad to know about this now, so I can keep up with your life! What a fun time we all had! I agree it was amazing how comfortable and normal we all felt after not seeing each other for several years. Love you girl!