Monday, July 26, 2010

"Forever Friends"

[The only picture I could get of all the kiddos. Zac Ayer (22 months), Rylee Watson (10 months), Addison Crawford (22 months tomorrow), Jack Steele (up front, 3 1/2), Reese Watson (behind, 10 months), Austin Weatherford (behind, 4 1/2), Knox Steele (9 months), Peyton Weatherford (15 months). More below.]
I stole this title from Amy. Unabashedly. I always categorize my groups of friends like you do on your wedding program for your bridesmaids--you know, high school friends, college friends, sorority friends, ACSC friends, UCM friends, work friends, Bunco friends, church friends, neighborhood friends, etc. Have I exhausted all categories yet? You get my point...

I am thankful that I've come to a point in my life where many from each of these groups have become LIFELONG FRIENDS, or forever friends, as Amy titled her last post. These friends are the ones who have layered over during many seasons of life, and the ones that you know you will still make effort to connect with through future layers--my favorite kinds of friends.

Today, I got together with friends who have been in my life since I was 11 years old. That's 20 years, and I think definitely establishes these women in the "forever friend" category. Most of us have reestablished ourselves as Nashville-based, but Mindy and Kristen traveled from Kentucky and South Carolina. Austin, Mindy's oldest at age 4, took some Mommy pictures that I can't wait to get through email, but the ones I have to post here are of the 8 kiddos that we claim (plus 2 more who just aren't here yet).

Just like I described in my Chi O reunion post, these women are ones whom I respect and admire and can pick up with instantly. We still refer to our first car's nicknames and make fun of our Senior Spring Break, and laugh at who we were while celebrating who we've become. We can move from belly-laughing over memories to talking about our marriages, careers, child-rearing philosophies, nutrition, you name it! It's a fun journey to be on with them. We sure missed Kelly (and Baby Georgia, as Addison refers to her), Jenny, and Tara (+her three).

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