Thursday, July 22, 2010

Current Projects... and the first of many matching outfits...

After our FM jaunt Saturday morning, we couldn't avoid stopping by the Little Cottage's end of season 50% off sale. The frugal one, I kept putting things back on the rack--albeit reluctantly. Patrick is a sucker (in a good way) for his girls though, and when we saw these 2 matching outfits, how could we resist?
We got Ansley a 6 month romper (on the left) and Addison a 2T 2-piece shirt/pants set (right)--both for next spring/early summer. Can't wait to see these girls together. [But I promise I won't make them match ALL the time.]

Since I will not have to do too much changing to the nursery (just pictures and clothes mostly) originally pictured HERE, I have been focusing on making Addison's "Big Girl Room" into something special. I am excited about that for 2 reasons. #1--I love the nursery, and it's been a sweet nurturing space for my sweet girl. I am thankful for the economy of getting to use that stuff for a couple more years. #2--I am excited about making the transition of Addison into this new space something special and fun! I'm hoping to have it ready by her birthday, so that she can start getting used to it for a few weeks before she becomes a big sis.

Disclaimer: I don't typically like kiddie themes. However, I love all things owl. I'm excited about incorporating my personal owl collection begun in my Chi O days into her room, and I fell in love with this Target bedding, so here we go. [I originally fell in love with this PB bedding, but there was no way I could justify the price difference when I equally loved both!]

When we found out we were having another girl and I didn't need to redecorate the nursery, I went back and went a little accessory crazy--totally disregarding my usually eclectic, anti-matchy-matchy tendencies. What is happening to me? Maybe I'm the sucker... I'll find some ways to change it up a bit with other accessories, I'm determined.
Now we are working on paint colors, and we think we've found our winner with Benjamin Moore's "Sundance" yellow
Her Big Girl room currently serves as a guest room, and for now, we are going to pack up my white iron bed for her to use when she is older. She's just not ready for it yet. For the next few years, we are going to use Patrick's childhood bed that his parents are giving us. It is a low twin bed with built-in bookshelves behind it that we plan to paint white to go with my white wicker furniture from my former "Big Girl" room. I'm excited!

Most of my sewing projects have been baby gifts lately, but I am working on this dress for Addison that I hope to have ready in the next week! I'll post back with updates and final products soon, I hope.
Next up--redoing (at least repainting) the girls' bathroom upstairs!

In the meantime, I'm having fun and scouring the internet for 2nd Birthday Party ideas. I'm thinking that since her Big Girl room is a big part of her gift, I might go all out with my owl theme. If anybody has any ideas or resources, I'd appreciate your help.


McKinney Madness said...

First of all, I saw the owl themed bedding at Target and loved it! And it does seem so perfect for you and Ms. Addison! Have you checked out Haley Rutledge Morgan's blog to see what they did for Mary Ella's birthday? Too cute! I'm so impressed that you sew in your free time! You're a jack of all trades!

We are BLESSED. said...

I love that bedding too! And I am very, very anti-theme too... but you are right, that one is too cute. It'll be perfect in her big girl room.

I have some party resources... I'll get them together and either email or comment again with links!
And I love the fact that you seem to be taking full advantage of your summer... living it up with so many projects and activities and sweet times with your family.

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

LOVE me some matching girl outfits! Since my sweet girl never had a sister to match, I have been known to buy stuff for her and my niece to wear together!
And I love the bedding too. Cute!

J said...


Amy said...

I also love the owl bedding! We're also hoping to transition to a "big girl" room for Amelia soon, too. I'm also giving you some unsolicited advice (sorry!): we have learned through experience that with yellow, the lighter the better. We did Amelia's nursery in yellow, and it looked so light on the swatch, but it was perfect in the room. (It was a shade about like the one above the one you are talking about on the swatch.)

I'm also jealous you can sew!!