Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sanz-off and the ultimate arm workout

I don't like sand. But I love the beach. Paradox? I like to look at the sand--the way it changes as the ocean waves ebb and flow, and I don't mind if it gets squished between my toes when I walk on the beach; however, I HATE it when it attaches itself to my freshly sunscreened legs, when it shows up in crooks and crevices like armpits, necks, and backs of knees... or when my 8-month-old thinks it is hilarious to roll over face first from her nice plush beach blanket into the grainy grimy sand and then stick fistfulls of it into her mouth.

Amy and I were people-watching today while our girls were napping (wait, read while Caroline was napping because Addison was too "busy" playing and trying to charm onlookers while eating sand...) and we noticed this girl who had the coolest gadget EVER. I need to ask her where she got it because all I have been able to find on the internet is this:

It's the same concept, but not nearly the same caliber of gadget that my lay out neighbor had. She would get up from her towel, brush off the backs of her legs, and then brush off her beach chair. I was mesmerized. I have always wondered how girls can look so perfectly put together while laying out--like they are not hot or sweaty at all, their hair and make-up just perfectly proportionate to their perfect tans. That person is not me! I am the sweaty, visor-wearing girl with tan-streaked legs because I was too impatient to put my sunscreen on evenly. Maybe if I can locate this tool to get the sand off me, I can be one step closer to being girl #1.

We began our morning with a nice long walk after breakfast. Yesterday, we tried to alternate our walks while the girls were taking their morning naps, but that didn't work, so this morning we decided to go early while it was still cool enough to take the girls. Our first half of the walk was perfect--nice breeze, cool shade, happy babies. When we turned around, we were directly facing the rising sun and there was no breeze. In order to protect our sweet babies' porcelain skin, we chose to walk the return portion of our trail like this:

It was HARD. 30 minutes of walking like this is quite the workout. Keeping the stroller from zig-zagging back and forth, making sure the girls were shaded, avoiding bumps and tripping, we were WORN OUT, and my arms are going to be so sore! But it was awesome. We got lots of looks and laughs, but, "oh the things we will endure" for the protection of these little bathing beauties. I may even do it again tomorrow.


Sarah Armstrong said...

Kristy Crawford wearing sunscreen? I am shocked! :)

Patrick said...

Love the picture of you two! Imagine that, Addison has her feet above the stroller. She is so funny, and you are an incredible writer. It was picture perfect in capturing the whole scene!!! I love you baby!!! See you on Friday.

J said...

CALL ME, Kristy!!! I wanna see you on your way home!!!