Sunday, June 07, 2009


Best. Concert. Ever.

For Mother's Day, one of my gifts from P was a ticket to Coldplay--a "date" with Chris Martin, if you will. :) My man is awesome, I know.

Anyway the show was tonight with Snow Patrol opening for them. They started off the night with a captivating energy. Most of the audience sang along to their familiar songs, and when they played "Chasing Cars," I replayed Grey's Anatomy's Season two finale--scene by scene, line by line--in my mind as I intently listened {which, on a bit of a tangent, is arguably the best episode ever...} It was a great moment.

However, none can compare to Coldplay. I've watched several of their shows on music tv, but seeing them live is altogether an emotional experience. They played for a solid 2 hours, performed every song I would have wanted them to except "Swallowed in the Sea" which I really didn't expect. My personal favorites were "In My Place," "Fix You," and of course "Yellow." Chris was humble, funny, personable, and they gave each audience member a free cd of live tracks.

Before the show, P took me out to eat at Sunset Grill in Hillsboro Village. It was so fun for us to get to go out and be datey lovey. Addison had a blast with her cuz at Jaydee and Bear's, so it was a pleasent evening for all of the fam.


Lori said...

color me sooooo jealous!!! we looooooovvvvveeed seeing Coldplay last fall...but oh my...i am so jealous you got to see Snow Patrol too!! i love them! what an awesome combo! glad you enjoyed it. :)

Tiffany Norris said...

Jealous! Several of my Bham friends saw them there...then I got to experience another round of envy when they came to Nashville! ha
Glad you had fun, though!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

ummm wow. pee in the pants, im so jealous. seriously. I LOVE snow patrol too! wowsa. HATE YOU. kidding. call me!

Patrick said...

It was the best concert I've ever seen--and that's coming from a guy who loves hard rock and seen a few concerts. It was so much fun Kris... let's do it again! I love you!