Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catching up

In the past month, we have been super busy and have been having a lot of fun.

We made brownies for Grandmama and Granddaddy to thank them for keeping Maggie on our ATL trip.We celebrated Ansley's upcoming arrival with a "sprinkle" for her, and I got to spend the afternoon with some of the most special women in my life anticipating this upcoming blessing.

Lindsay made this rhyme for the invitation, and I LOVED it...

"Baby smiles and giggles galore, Kristy and Patrick are having one more. Big Sister Addison has plenty to share; this is a sprinkle to show that we care, with diapers and money for necessities, or something with Ansley's name, if you please!"

Isn't that adorable? Monogrammed stuff, diapers, and money for gear. It was perfectly what we needed.
My grandmother's dining room table with the delicious desserts that she and my mom prepared!
An activity that Lindsay planned that allowed my family and friends to write special wishes for Ansley's life!
opening the fun gifts.
Some of the spread
Nana and Aunt AndreaJaydee and Aunt Lindsay
Some of my oldest and dearest girls
My beautiful grandmothers.

Then, we went to Auburn. Patrick obliged my need/wants to go to AU for the season opener, and we survived! It was so much fun!
We enjoyed getting to stay in Montgomery with the Blackburns, eat at our favorite Auburn restaurants, visit with our Landmark friends, and just get away. It was my last time for travel before Ansley comes.

The following weekend, we had out of town guests and enjoyed catching up with Jesse and Nick. We also balanced out our fan base and let this little girl cheer on the Tide to cream Penn State!
Now, we are gearing up for somebody special's 2nd Birthday this weekend!

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