Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We went "OWL" out! Part 3: The After School Playdate Party

The place setting:
When all the kids got there, we sat at the table and colored these owl sheets while I prepared their snacks.

On the menu: (Addison's favorites)
animal crackers
chicken nuggets
bagel bites
capri suns

After the kids ate, a cute little 3-year-old named Sadie said to the other kids, "Wanna get our balloons off the chairs and march around and have a parade?" All the kids in unison cried, "yeah!" So off they went. Hilarious.

Then we gathered back around the table and had activity #2: decorating the cookies. I kept 7 cookies un-iced, and the kids with their mommies iced and decorated their owl cookies. We put 2 candles in Addison's, let her blow them out after we sang, and snacked on our cookies. They seemed to love it!

Then we moved on to opening presents:

After presents, we went up to her big girl room, and she and her buddies all jumped on the bed. It was a typical 2-year-old party as the meltdowns began. Two of her adorably cute friends had to go to time out and then got super upset and had to go home a little early. We laughed because it seemed that everyone got a turn at a mini-tantrum.

She had a blast with Jack, Olivia, Carter, Micah, Rowan, and Sadie, and her mommy's friends, Miss Heather, Miss April, Miss Becky, Miss Jen, Miss Angie, Miss Karen, and Miss Caitland. It was the perfect beginning to her Birthday weekend.

(Also, thanks, April and Angie, for taking pictures so I could enjoy being the mommy.)


April said...

We had a blast! Thanks again for having us :)

McKinney Madness said...

So does this mean I have to throw THREE parties to get all the friends and family in? Whew... you set the bar too high! : )

Kristy said...

There were not 3 parties. I just took snacks to school and the playdate was as much of an excuse to get my friends together. The family party was for the grandparents. No bar. Not high. Just fun!