Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We went "OWL" out! Part 2: Kristy's Bake Shop and Decorations

First off: her invitation... or should I say invitations. I had an after school play date for her last Thurs with her friends from school and mommy's friends from school. Then we had our family picnic and playground adventure on Saturday. Both invitations had the same look--just different party info. I ordered these from Vistaprint along with matching thank you cards and labels and was very pleased with prices and quality.
Next up was her Birthday Banner. I found this cute owl paper at Hobby Lobby and was so glad that my tiger pumpkins coordinated with the decor. :)

For her school play date, we set up all the kids in the dining room. Each kid had a balloon--pink for girls and brown for boys, an owl coloring sheet and crayons, and snacks. I loved being able to use my favorite white pumpkins here.For party favors, I decorated and personalized treat bags and filled them with owl coloring sheets and crayons, playdo, owl stickers and silly bands, and frosted owl cookies. My favorite things were the labels. On the playdo, I had owl labels that read, "Hootie Hoot! Enjoy the Loot!"
On the back of the cookie baggies, I had these labels:
The treat bag table for the family party. All the adults got to go home with an owl cookie too! :)
My little sous-chef with me during our many baking adventures...
We made the cookies pictured above. Then we attempted these owl cupcakes:
(I got the plates, matching napkins, and matching balloons from Celebrate Express. I googled "promotional codes," and I got a great discounted rate!) Patrick and I were up until 1 a.m. Friday night working on these little boogers. About halfway through we started wondering why the heck we were doing that, but they were so cute and worth it. The hardest part was getting the oreos perfectly split apart so that we could make the eyes and ears. The recipe suggested using banana runts as the nose, but with Halloween getting closer, I thought the candy corn added a festive touch. We ended up making 2 dozen owls (white cake with dyed pink white icing and yellow cake with chocolate icing) and 2 dozen "2" cupcakes which you can see displayed on my cupcake tree below.
Finally, for her actual birthday, I took this cookie cake to school. I was DONE with the beautifully intricate details of my owl-shaped cookie cutter, so I rolled up the rest of the dough, spread it on my pizza pan, used my extra icing and oreos and came up with this final concoction.
And with it, I got all of her Eagle's Nest friends and teachers on a nice sugar high after naptime! :)

Next Post: Her after school play date!


Sarah Armstrong said...

That is all SO SO cute!!

McKinney Madness said...

How did you do this being 8 (or more) months pregnant?!? I'm so impressed. I have a feeling Sarah Taylor's birthday goodies will be STORE BOUGHT. I'm just not that creative... but maybe you'll provide me with the inspiration! ha! Everything was adorable!