Monday, September 27, 2010

We went "OWL" out! Part 1: The "Big Girl Room"

This summer when I decided to start working on Addison's big girl room, I found an owl theme that I, of course, loved. Our goal was to have her room ready for her 2nd Birthday so that she could get used to it and not feel pushed out of the nursery when Ansley arrives. That idea expanded into her owl-themed Birthday party. It's been a blast doing all of this, and this next succession of posts is mostly for my memory and for my friends who weren't able to come.

Here are a few pics of her room:

I ended up scratching the Sundance Yellow that I originally planned on because it was SOO bright. We went with Moonlight yellow that we found in PB Kids. We've consulted PB for paint colors in the past, and they've never lead us astray. Anyway, this color was perfect, and Addison LOVES her new room. We also stuck with my childhood bed. We originally thought it was too high for her, but we found a way to lower it about 6 inches, got a bed rail, and ordered the full-size bedding which was just $20 more. So that's that.

We "tried it out" (her sleeping in her BGB) one night (We had previously just been doing naps there). I thought she would go back and forth from her crib to her bed for awhile, but she did great, and she calls the nursery the Baby Room or Ansley's room. There has been no turning back. It has sort of made me sad because I didn't realize that the last night in her crib would be the last night in her crib. Like I wasn't intentional about that rite of passage... Of course if I had known, I would have been emotional and fought the change and it's probably just better the way it happened.

The only thing not pictured here is the wall on the other side of her window. There is her table and chairs that she just got for her birthday. Above it is one of those ikea wire picture hangers where we display her artwork, and above that will be a painting that Andrea gave her for her Birthday. Even with the busyness of the decals, I love it all. Addison wakes up and says, "You see my tree? You see my owls?" It is perfect for her.

And this is what we caught her and Savannah doing before her Birthday party got under way... Little messes.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the big girl room and the big girl it belongs to! You did a great job. :)


McKinney Madness said...

I should have known you'd come up with something super cute for a big girl bedroom! Can't wait to see pics from the bday party!! : )

Kelley Brown said...

Okay, she looks like SUCH a big girl in that picture!! The room looks amazing!!! I absolutely love the owls and the tree and birds painted on the walls. In fact, I love this room so much, it makes me want to come spend the night and sleep in that bed with Addison. Do you think she'd let me??? :)