Thursday, September 02, 2010

"House Divided" or "House United"?

Patrick and I reside in a "House Divided." I am a proud Auburn alum and he is a homegrown Alabama fan. We are equally passionate about our schools and teams. We love that about each other. In our relationship we have established a healthy respect for each other's interests and passions. We proudly sport our individual team colors and logos on fall Saturdays when we run our errands, and we look forward to hanging up our football flag.

We joke about our girls being confused as they grow up.

However, we plan to raise them in a "HOUSE UNITED."

We celebrate because we get to expose our children to two teams, two heritages, two loves. Our girls are going to be lucky because they get to have 2 teams to pull for, 2 stadiums to visit, 2 cultures to experience, and each year both an Auburn shirt AND an Alabama shirt to sport during this fun time!

I know that rivalries and team spirit and trash talk are usually "all in good fun," but we are intentional about promoting positive aspects of getting to cheer FOR two teams rather than cheering AGAINST any one. Unfortunately, many well-meaning people do not feel the same.

Addison [and Ansley] may say, "War Tide" and "Roll Eagle;" she [they] may confuse colors and mascots and chants; she [they] may cheer for a different team every year. That's ok with us.

We are excited about this because, in addition to Patrick and I respecting each other's loves and passions, we hope that it will also teach our daughters to be respectful and loving of the people and things in this world. "Hate," even in respect to such trivial things as sports, is something we don't want to expose them to.

We are never going to tell them who to be AGAINST. We will celebrate who they get to be FOR.

And that's a fun life lesson--for us and our children.

Can't wait for this opening weekend. We are heading to the plains and all of us couldn't be more excited!

War Eagle! ...and Roll Tide!


Christy said...

I love this post, especially being from a "house divided" myself. Now, I just have to convince John to see it this way. :)

Rebekah said...

thanks for this post, we are a "house divided" too and I get so frustrated sometimes! Silly as it is! Thanks for helping me remember ultimatley we are a "house united!" Love ya!