Friday, July 10, 2009

Are monkeys ticklish?

"Fun-loving monkeys swing through the trees, but can you answer this one question, please? Are monkeys ticklish? Yes, monkeys are ticklish."

This comes from Addison's favorite book. And I read it to her every night. EVERY night. On nights that I try to skip it, she closes the one I am reading and pulls herself to where she is hanging over her rocking chair, peering into her book basket, and reaching for the ticklish book. Who can resist that? Once I pick it up, she claps for me and reaches for it. It's touch and feel, and she loves to turn the pages. She also loves to be tickled at the end of it when it reads, "Are YOU ticklish???"

Needless to say, I have the book memorized, word for word, line by line, and my skills came in handy yesterday when we went to the ZOO. There was a rhyme for all of the "major" animals! It was my first time to visit Nashville's zoo because it wasn't around when I was a child. We had so much fun, and we took a few pictures for memories.


Katie said...

That is too cute! That's so fun that she loves to have you read to her. And, how convenient that you could correlate the book to the real life animals for a learning experience... Addie and Savannah are getting so big! They are beautiful!

Holly said...

What fun. She and Savannah will grow up and be such good friends. Too sweet.

Amy said...

Eli loves monkey's too. Could it be a sign??? :o) Can't wait to see you soon!