Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sit N' Spins and Library Loves

Remember this toy from when we were kids?

Well, this is my little person's new nickname as well as her new trademark move. I really need to video it to document, but she'll just pivot around on her bootie and squeal with delight. And the girl moves FAST. Sometimes she's looking for a specific toy; sometimes she's pivoting to change direction; mostly she just goes round and round. It is hilarious--especially when she shows off her especially fast moves on hardwoods. She's also constantly flipping her pacie in her mouth--twirling it with her fingers while she's playing, while we're trying to rock her to sleep, any time is is in her mouth. We can't tell if it has something to do with teething, if she's fidgeting, or if she just likes to flip that pacie. It's adorable, and I need to try to video it as well. I did video her whistling today, and if I can figure out how to post it on here, I will.

Today, we enjoyed a trip to the library with Lindsay and Savannah. I almost didn't go because I wondered if she was too young to get into it, but Lindsay assured me that any time a child can be read to is an opportunity to take advantage of. She loves reading like I do, and she was right. Addison loved the theme for today, MUSIC, and she bounced and clapped, squealed and whistled as Ms. Kristin read all of the books aloud. She also tried to engage all of the other little people with her social skills. :) Afterwards we got a couple of pictures of the girls. In this one, they are both intently absorbed with Dora and Boots. Savannah soon became entranced with her dictionary, and Addison tried to take over Dora. It was fun, and we enjoyed our outing!


Anonymous said...

Today was so fun! I am looking forward to our zoo trip on Thursday. I am still laughing at Savannah's book of choice being the dictionary. Crazy girl! We will have to go back to story time next week. Thanks for hanging out with us today!!


McKinney Madness said...

How adorable! I should have known Addie would be an avid reader like her mom!!

Tiffany Norris said...

How fun! And I totally remember the sit-n-spin! Probably spun when I was a little too big to be spinning. :P Good times.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

How precious is that pic! I can't BELIEVE how much hair Savannah has grown! crazy!!! I love that. oh and I totally had a smurf sit n spin. those things rocked my world. I need to buy a new version for the kiddies...I'm assuming they still make them?