Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take your BEAR to lunch day...

It's something Lindsay and I do each summer to rescue Dad from the office for a little bit and to pay our sweet dad back for all the times he came to eat lunch with us at school when we were growing up. Now, we take our girls with us.
We began our morning at the library like we did last week, and the girls were raring to go once we got to Bear's office. We had fun at Chili's!A couple of days ago I tried to set Addison in the boppy for her "I am 9-month-old" picture, and I wasn't so successful. She was totally playing me, and would smile as she looked AWAY from the camera. While this picture isn't great, it serves its purpose for me in keeping up with her growth. Anyway, she's doing all the 9-month things, and her dr's appointment a couple of weeks ago confirmed what we already knew--she's a long and lean little girl. We're still waiting on teeth and that silly tear duct to clear itself up, but all-in-all she is growing into a healthy, happy little person.

Lastly, we had a fun weekend getting together with friends and family, and we took a few pictures. I like this one.
In other news, AP scores have been mailed out, and I am anxiously awaiting reports from my first batch of AP kiddos. So far, so good! I've hardly thought about school and work this summer, but this anticipation has begun the stirrings of excitement for a new school year. Don't get me wrong, though, I fully plan to soak up these last few weeks of summer!

{Afterthought EDIT: In rereading this post, I realized I had some follow-ups to include. Remember Thursday's Project? Well, the dress in the 9-month photos is the finished product of that. And, we dressed our girls in matching pillowcase dresses that I made from that leftover fabric for "Take your Bear to lunch day." It may seem silly, but those are some of my big summer accomplishments.}


Kiera said...

Love the dresses!! They are too cute! Ty finally got his first tooth around 9 1/2 when all the kids his age have at least 4-8 teeth!! Oh well, "they" say the later they get them the better, so we'll see. ;) We're working on tooth #2 at 10 months! ;) Love the pillowcase dresses too. Great job!

Jesse Faris said...

Dresses: adorable.
Take Your Bear to Lunch Day: genius.
Family pics (both Dean & Crawford): precious.
Miss: you.

Katie said...

I am so impressed by the matching dresses! Great job!

Kim said...

How precious! I miss my daddy after seeing how sweet yours is with his grandbabies! My dad would have been so pumped to be a great-grandfather! I can't believe how much Addison reminds me of Katie: she had a blocked tear duct, too, and just about the time we were going to have it "probed" (surgery), the thing cleared up!

J said...

Awesome. I miss you friend.