Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nursery Woes

Separation Anxiety is a beast, don't ya think? I know some kids get it worse than others, for some it lasts longer that others, but to whatever degree it exists, it is a rough rite of passage.

Addison, for the most part, has been so laid back during the first months of her life--smiling at everyone, going to anyone, but this summer, it has been a bit of a different story. With me being home, she has become quite the Mama's girl; as constant companions, we are mutually attached to each other. For awhile there, I didn't know if she'd ever like the nursery, if she'd ever NOT scream the entire time I "abandoned" her there. And that makes Sundays HARD.

Sundays have been hard since I was in college. Then, they were my homesick days. After I graduated and was in full-time ministry, they were my longest work days. Then I married a youth minister, and they were HIS longest work days. Now, I have a baby, and the timing thing makes it difficult.

First it was nursing. We'd try timing my mornings so we could make it through service, but then I'd have to nurse the first part of class... or visa versa... or we'd just not go to avoid the hassle of it all... It stressed me out.

Now it's morning naps--She's wakes up, take a bottle, eats cereal 45 minutes-1 hour later, and then takes her morning nap an hour later. If we go to early church, that puts nap time right at class time. If we go to late church, we end up skipping class so she can get her nap in. We've tried both ways.

Throw in some separation/exhaustion induced screaming, and sometimes you begin to wonder if it is even worth it?

Thankfully, last Sunday, we had our first completely successful experience. For one thing, she has moved up to the 9-12 month class that some friends of mine teach. They are calming, and they put her at ease. That put ME at ease, and I was actually able to participate and glean some spiritual encouragement from our adult class.

The first time someone tried to put her in a bucket seat to sing songs and pat the Bible, you'd have though that all Hell had broken loose. Last Sunday she clapped and sang along with them. It was such a relief, but who knows what next time will bring. We'll just take it week by week!

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Sarah Armstrong said...

Right there with you on the separation anxiety really stinks when it kicks in!! Not looking forward to going back to work!!!