Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mommy Moment of the Day: Teething Hickeys

But first, a little fun with this website:
Wanna know who your child favors the most? Upload some pictures and let My Heritage settle the score for you once and for all. I seriously did about 8 combinations of pictures to see if we'd keep getting the same "equal" result--and we did. Of course, that's what we usually hear from *most* people anyway. I really like that she's a combo. I like that she looks like an Addison person.

So, we had a full day today--the library, the mall, Chick Fil-A, Jaydee's house. It was fun although rainy. We were having a pretty low-key, drama free day until we were getting in the car to go to my mom's house. I noticed a red raised spot on Addison's wrist which had a speck of what looked to be blood, and I called Mom over to examine it. No stranger to spider bites--even of the brown recluse family--my mind went into overdrive. Mom said I should call the doc, and on my way to her house I made the call. Of course I had to leave a message with the phone nurse.

Me: "formal information about Addy's b-day, etc, blah, blah... Uh, hey Ann Marie, it's Kristy {I feel like the phone nurse and I are friends at this point--like I should get her a Christmas present kind of friend}... So, Addison has a really knotty and red raised wrist. I'm totally thinking it's a spider bite. She is sucking at it, and it's got this bloody, bite-from-a-tentacle spot on it, and it looks really bad, and I mean she is acting ok, but what should I do? I'm close to you guys, so call me if I should bring her in..." Click.

After getting to Mom's, calming down, reassessing the spot, and feeling like an IDIOT, AM calls back... "Alright, so when did she get the bite, and where was she?"

Me: "Uh, well, I think this might be one of those times that I might have just overreacted a little bit... I remembered that she had scratched her arm last night after her bath, and I think that her teeth have been bothering her. She dropped her pacie on the ground at the mall, so she was sucking on her arm to relieve her pain. I'm thinking it's just a teething hickey... Sorry."

AM: "Laugh Laugh Laugh. No problem. If it gets redder or warmer or more raised, give her some benadryl and bring her in. Glad she's ok."

So, my daughter gives herself teething hickeys. 10 months old and toothless. Bless her.


Tiffany Norris said...

Aw, bless her heart! She really does seem to look equally like you and your husband. Incidentally, the look-alike meter does not work when you try to see which person the dog looks like. Just sayin'. :)

Holly said...

Don't feel bad, we've all over-reacted at some point! :-) By the time you have four kids, your friends will call you first, before they call the nurse to see if/how many times you called on the same matter.
Hope those teeth pop through soon!

Amy said...

I think that it's priceless that YOUR daughter is the one giving the hickies. LOVE IT. AND who cares if she has teeth. Cream of Wheat is one of my favorite meals :o).