Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday, I traveled with some of my lifelong girlfriends to see Mindy and her boys in Kentucky. Austin is 3, and Peyton was born at the end of April. We needed to meet the little man and see our dear friend, so we headed northwest for the day.

She welcomed us with homemade pizza and greek salad. Her homemade pizza was to die for--stuffed crust pepperoni and LOADED POTATO pizza. Have you ever heard of the like? It was to die for, and I'm planning to make one for Patrick this weekend, so I'll try to post pics and the recipe.

Anyway, we enjoyed our day trip with full conversation, lots of laughter, and celebration. Our friendship has evolved in such unique ways over the years, and I'm just as refeshed and inspired by this group of women as ever. There's something about having a history with friends, and the safety you feel with a group who knows your good, bad, and ugly and loves you regardless. Here's a picture of the gang below: Kelly, Austin, Andrea (pregnant with baby Knox), Mindy, Lia (pregnant with Reese and Rylee (sp?)), Peyton, me, Addison.

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