Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1st Trip to See Santa=Epic Fail

Last week, we went to see Savannah's preschool Christmas program. We were so excited to see her perform (especially Addison), and we were even more excited that Santa was going to be here. This is how our picture turned out:

Addison had been looking forward to this for WEEKS. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she was even a little nervous. Can't you see the mixture of pride and shyness in her stance and smile? Ansley... went ballistic. Immediately. Poor Santa. Even though I knew to expect it (We even chose not to take Addison to see Santa when she was this age), it still rattled me, and I had Patrick snap this picture so we could quickly move on and avoid making a scene. We walked around the corner, and Addison stopped in her tracks. She took some short quick breaths and poked out her bottom lip while tears welled up in her eyes. I had no idea what was wrong. She finally stammered, "I didn't get to sit in his lap and tell him that I've been good. He doesn't know about Rapunzel's dress..."


Bad Mommy.

Thankfully all was not lost. We celebrated with this little sweetie who absolutely rocked the 4-year-old class' performance. She worked it and melted my heart in the process.

She was super sweet to her cousins too.
On the way home, we decided to write Santa a letter, and thankfully we heard he was going to be in town with his reindeer later that week...

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