Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eagle's Nest Christmas

Before 2011 says its final adieu, I need to catch up on Christmas posts.

Despite all 4 of us being plagued with the stomach bug during the entire week before (and both girls were on antibiotics for other illnesses on top of that), our family managed to squeeze every bit of fun out of Christmas.

The girls had a big party at school, and I snuck away from my 7th period AP kids who were writing their hearts out on a style analysis of Anna Quindlen's "The Name is Mine." (Side note: I figured out a long time ago that if I am going to have to grade a bunch of essays before Christmas, I might as well assign something that I am going to WANT to read... Oh how I love Anna Quindlen.)

Here is Ansley waiting for her present:
Here she is walking with her buddy Molly. They are 6 weeks apart, and Ansley is about to move up to the 1-year old room with her in January. I have mixed emotions.
Here is Addison opening her gift. I did not know it at the time, but she was running a 103 temp that day. Bless her.
Here are the three musketeers. You can even see Juli Claire and Stella behind them.
That afternoon we went to Jack and Juli Claire's to make Christmas cookies. Here are the sweet kiddos decorating them:
It started out innocently enough...
But it quickly turned to this:
And then this...
They thought they were beautiful. :) While the cookies were baking, the kids made thumb print manger ornaments with Wren.
And then we enjoyed these yummy gingerbread cookies. See, we managed to salvage a few!

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